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Direct View LED – 24/7 Giant Digital Surfaces

Seamless and adaptable, dvLED shapes up to deliver reliable, creative visualisation throughout the terminal building.

Bring your walls to life with bright and vivid dynamics.

Accompanying passengers along their entire airport journey, Direct View LED shines out with stunningly bright dynamic imagery. Upon arrival, digital facades and directional signage attract and uplift passengers even before they enter the building. Once inside, information displays (FIDS) reassure passengers whilst advertising and entertainment displays help to amuse and engage as they pass the time in the retail areas. Standing still or passing by, up close or from a distance, passengers enjoy the same enriching experience with excellent viewing angles, consistent vibrant colours and superb brightness.

Whatever the application, from guiding to informing to entertaining, dvLED wins with high adaptability towards environmental and architectural demands, bright and durable image creation as well as with crisp and natural imagery.

Direct View LED is available in many formats. From complex customised solutions to meet any infrastructure demand; interference-free digital split-flap-boards for FIDS; to plug and play solutions ideal for mobile signage applications including welcoming, wayfinding or emergency signage.

Our knowledge and expertise in supporting many of the world’s airports with their visual systems means that NEC is well placed to advise on the right LED solution to make the passenger experience unique and compelling. Designed in Germany with high quality components, you can be assured that your NEC LED video solution is a secure asset, delivering longevity with a good return on investment.

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