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Efficient Passenger Journey

MA (Advanced) Series

When true-to-life colour rendition is essential, the MA Series’ advanced feature set delivers calibrated precision, without compromise.

For specialist applications, the wide colour gamut panel, SpectraView engine technology and 8K signal processing, positions the MA series at the high end of professional content delivery.


The MA series’ modular design includes Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) technology integrated into the display, facilitating powerful media playback for the most intuitive signage creation and passenger information delivery.

Suited for mission critical environments in transportation, command & control, and high-end retail

Designed for 24/7 operation
Professional haze filter minimises reflections
Intelligent NEC adaptive cooling system
Driving content with RPi4 or Intel® SDM advanced computing
Wide colour gamut panel and SpectraView® engine for superb colour accuracy
Advanced connectivity including HMDI x 2 / DP x 2 / Out
Metal back cover safe for use in public spaces

Use Sharp/NEC Product Overview Brochure to gather more information.