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Laser Projectors

The use of projectors in an airport environment has always been limited, due to their typically low level of brightness, and the need to replace the bulbs that drive the light output every 2-3000 hours. Given the difficult installation location of most displays in an airport, projector service costs were astronomical and limited their use.

With the replacement of bulbs with solid state light sources based upon Lasers, the new range of NEC Laser Phosphor projectors open up new applications for the airport. The ability to project an interactive image onto any surface opens up new retail and entertainment opportunities, such as an Interactive Floor in a kid zone.

Projection onto curved surfaces allows airports to realise advertising revenues from spaces traditionally left blank, such as air-rail tunnels and curved fascias. With an OPS slot for a media player, a common feature of our Laser Projectors, and their lightweight small nature, it is also the quickest medium to install as a trial display or short term campaign.

Up to 12,000 lumens brightness
Up to 20,000 hours of operation
4K resolution support
Geometrically corrected image off angle and on curved surfaces
OPS slot interface creating an all-in-one media playback device

More detailed information on our Laser projectors can be found at our Solid State Light Source Microsite.