Airport Operation and Air Traffic Control

Video Wall Management Software


With the number of information sources within an Airport Operations Centre exponentially growing due to greater operational data analysis and A-CDM tools, traditional input/output video wall processors can no longer manage. Similarly, visualisation of this information on discrete displays or small video walls, became too disorganised and cluttered.

To overcome these challenges, NEC has moved to a distributed network visualisation system, Hiperwall 4.0. Unlimited input sources (nodes) are pushed to the network over IP, from literally hundreds of different device types. On the display side, the Hiperwall Primary Controller takes the input signals from the network and presents them to be shown on the display devices.

Input source applications can be located anywhere on the video wall, and Hiperwall can manage multiple displays types, such as video walls or projectors, in multiple rooms located in discrete locations. Multiple operators can take control of the visualisation of data and set up rules and templates of how the data should be visualised, given a different set of scenarios.

Any content from any source can be visualised on any display device, whilst maintaining the highest levels of security.