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XHB Series - 24/7 High Bright Displays*

Can Passengers at Airports Rely on Digital Displays?

The efficiency of airports is dependent on the availability of visual information 24/7, whether it be for flight information, way-finding or advertising. However, airport environments are characterised by very bright, ambient light conditions, which makes them extremely demanding in terms of the effective use of display solutions. If this is not addressed properly, passengers can’t rely on the displays in the airport to clearly guide them through their journey and they won’t be attracted to the advertising messages, resulting in lost revenue and efficiency for the airport.

Many airports have entrance and departure halls built with a lot of glass and external light to make them bright and spacious. Depending on the type of installation and direction of direct daylight, displays can be negatively impacted and often, become unreadable as a result. This could be because of glare or a display that is not bright enough. This challenge also exists during the journey to the airport. Bus shelters or train stations are most often outdoor, where visibility is directly related to weather conditions and constantly changing ambient factors like temperature or sunlight.

XHB Series Key Features
Professional Grade Performance with NEC Professional Advanced Heat Management
High Brightness up to 2500 cd/m² for higher visual impact and longer life
Wide viewing angle without colour shift enabling greater brand impact
Certified for Landscape and Portrait Operation, with uninterrupted viewing even with sunglasses
OPS compliant slot for fully integrated media playback capability
For use in indoor and outdoor environments with an IP rated totem or cabinet
OPS Compliant Slot
for future proof upgradability
High temperature resistant panel (TNI 110° C)
24/7 operation
Direct LED backlight
High brightness up to 2700 cd/m2
Qarter lambda filter
to overcome polarization

Subject to environmental conditions, content and change of content, products marked as 24/7 are appropriate for 24/7 use, however please refer to NEC Operational Guidelines for exact terms of use.