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UHD Series – 24/7* LCD Displays

Displays for Summary Boards, Lounges and Video Wall Replacement

The latest addition to our Professional Display Series for flight information display is the NEC UHD Series Product range. Our flagship product series brings in a new era of visual experience, with Ultra-HD resolution (3830 × 2160) and ultra large product sizes of 55″, 75″, 84″, 86" and 98″.

The 98″ LCD display can be used to directly replace 4 traditional 46″ displays to provide a seamless FIDS summary board or control room video wall. NEC’s unique SpectraView chipset automates the visual experience providing automated control of brightness, colour, gamma and uniformity Reliable colour reproduction – due to 10-bit colour performance with amazing viewing angles and hardware calibratable LUT for accurate image presentation. Designed for 24/7 operation the UHD Series products enables passengers to read vital flight information data from further distances, helping to reduce pinch points and crowding underneath banks of FIDS displays. Passengers can feel more relaxed and are more likely to seek out retail experiences.

UHD Series Key Features
Professional grade performance with NEC professional advanced heat management
High accuracy, UHD image with professional grade Panel
Full functionality and connectivity including HDMI and DisplayPort
Future proof OPS expansion slot for the latest embedded computing FIDS controllers
Flexible window management with up to 8 sources delivering UHD resolution
Certified for landscape and portrait 24/7 operation
OPS Compliant Slot
with UHD 60Hz support
SpectraView engine
for consistent colour compliance
UHD upscaling
10-bit colours
Digital Uniformity Control
Multi-window management
24/7 operation

Subject to environmental conditions, content and change of content, products marked as 24/7 are appropriate for 24/7 use, however please refer to NEC Operational Guidelines for exact terms of use.