Dise launches support for the NEC Compute Module


Munich, November 11 – Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe today announces that Dise, the in-store digital experience platform for retailers and global bands, has launched support for the NEC Modular SoC Compute Module. The two companies are creating powerful retail experiences using personalised communications with the Dise platform and NEC displays.

Dise allows retailers to create data-driven experiences, tailoring content based on the interests and needs of customers. These cost-effective out-of-the-box solutions can leverage the Dise platform designed specifically for retail brands.

“Sharp/NEC’s modular approach and Dise’s CMS technology are the perfect match for retailers and their customers,” said Nils Karsten, Business Segment Lead for Retail at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe. “Consumers expect more from in-store experiences than ever before, especially given the convenience and personalisation of online shopping, and our solutions allow retailers to deliver just that with digital promotions, branded content, virtual displays, and more.”

Richard Horsey, Head of Sales at Dise, added, “Our integration with Sharp/NEC hardware and collaboration represents a major step forward in digital signage. Retailers who use these solutions will see the benefits of showing data driven and tailored content on a range of NEC displays.”

Multinational retailer M&S is one customer that has benefited from using Dise and NEC. The retailer has installed approximately 2000 NEC displays driven by the Dise in-store digital experience platform as part of an ongoing rollout that is powering the store of the future. M&S uses Dise’s advanced playback engine to show content on multiple NEC displays for a branded experience throughout stores.

Lindex, the Swedish fashion retailer, is another end customer using solutions from Sharp/NEC and Dise in stores across Europe. The Dise platform and NEC displays enable Lindex to show retail customers tailored promotions, seasonal offers, and brand images across stores.

For more information, please visit: Dise - Digital signage

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