Sharp/NEC equips Roxy Cinema’s Dubai Hills location with the largest PLF screen in the Middle East and North Africa


The “Roxy Xtreme” screen is powered by two NEC NC3541L RB laser projectors

Munich March 6, 2023 Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe has been chosen by Roxy Cinemas and Scrabble Entertainment to deliver the laser projection technology for Roxy’s prestigious new Dubai Hills project, including the largest PLF screen in the Middle East and North Africa. With two NEC NC3541L 4K RB laser projectors, Dubai Hills is taking advantage of RB laser technology delivering compelling benefits in terms of image quality, cost, and operational efficiency.

Roxy Cinemas is a leading luxury cinema brand in the United Arab Emirates where guests enjoy international blockbusters, culture events and sports action all in a sophisticated environment. Dubai Hills is this year’s biggest new opening by Roxy Cinemas in the UAE. The cinema hosts the single largest PLF screen across Middle East and North Africa, measuring 28 meters by 15.1 meters. At 423 square meters, the “Roxy Xtreme” screen is the size of two tennis courts.

To power the installation, Roxy Cinemas and Scrabble Entertainment, the leading provider of end-to-end Digital Cinema Solutions in the Middle East, decided on a dual projection system with two NEC NC3541L 4K RB laser projectors. Thanks to their high initial brightness level of 35,000 lumen each and full 4K resolution, these models are a premium solution for large and premium format cinema screens. They are also ideal for additional non-cinematic screenings such as company presentations or gaming events helping to increase usage and maximise revenue for Roxy Cinema operators – all at a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to maintenance-free operation and low power consumption.

Pruthu Shah, CEO at Scrabble Entertainment, said: “We chose the Sharp/NEC cinema laser system for their brilliant image quality. A big advantage is the fact that the projectors are using RB laser technology, which do not cause speckle on reflective screens. This allows us to provide excellent image quality and save costs at the same time.”

Murray Rea, Director of Operations at Roxy Cinemas, added: “We are impressed by the image quality in terms of brightness, colours and 3D image quality. The dual projection system produces highly immersive 3D images; at the same time, it gives us redundancy in 2D for any premieres or special events.”

“We are glad to take the partnership with Roxy Cinemas to the next level and thank them for realizing this prestigious project together”, concluded Jens Kayser, Sales Manager at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH.

For more information on the Roxy Cinemas Dubai Hills project, please visit web pages.

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