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The fastest and most secure way to launch any meeting regardless of conferencing provider.

Quicklaunch™ provides an intuitive user experience for joining any meeting with one touch – supporting all digital platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.


NEC Quicklaunch™ – What is it about?

Quicklaunch™ Overview

Quicklaunch is a simple and secure meeting room interface that provides multi-platform integration to transform your NEC InfinityBoard into a one click meeting space.


“One touch” to productivity with any provider

Just One-Touch to…

Join Meetings

  • Start Applications
  • Launch Websites
  • Access Data and Content
  • Share Device Screens
» Consistent user experience — Reduced training costs — Higher user satisfaction

Room reset and lockdown mode provides peace of mind

Built with Security in Mind…

Room Reset

  • Lockdown Mode
  • Secured Settings
  • Advanced Security Options
» Provides peace of mind to both end user and IT

Customize it to your needs

Make It Your Own…

Over 20 Conferencing Vendors

  • Room Monitoring
  • Easy Customizable
  • Integration of Components
» Simplicity and security of an appliance with the power of the a PC

Don’t get locked into a single vendor solution

Quicklaunch-2 89% of companies use more than one conferencing platform…

…and Quicklaunch works with all of them!

Quicklaunch offers multi-platform integration into over 20 conferencing solutions:
Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Bluejeans, GoToMeeting, Polycom, Pexip, videxio, Lifesize, Starleaf and many more.

Make It Your Own…

…by Customizing Colour, Icons, Logos, Layout, User Experience


Select the Level of Access for Users

…by choosing between PC Mode and Kiosk Mode

  • PC Mode - Choose Dynamic Mode to have users see and use the meeting room PC desktop
  • Kiosk Mode - Choose Fixed Display Mode to prevent users seeing the meeting room PC desktop

Supports Every Phase of a Meeting


Better Together! NEC InfinityBoard & Quicklaunch™

NEC Version of Quicklaunch Ultimate Edition


NEC Version of Quicklaunch in Action

Inventing the Future Together

Together with our partner UC Workspace we are committed to continuously simplify workflows in meeting rooms.

NEC and UC Workspace have been collaborating to developing new customized features for Quicklaunch to…

…adapt to the changing times of post Covid-19 working environments
…add additional levels of security to your meeting room
…make your meetings more effective

Insides to the newly developed features

weavLT – Personal Content Manager

  • Easily share files from your PC or phone from OneDrive, Google Drive, Drop Box, Box on your InfinityBoard
  • Seamlessly join meetings from your smart phone’s calendar on the InfinityBoard
NEC Exclusive

Huddly IQ Integration

  • Utilize room headcount to set screen saver in Quicklaunch
  • Reset Quicklaunch and more based on room headcount
  • Report number of people in the room to NEC Room Management Service
NEC Exclusive

InfinityBoard Source Switching

  • Use Quicklaunch to switch source on your InfinityBoard
  • Program Quicklaunch Room Reset to fall back to a default source

Two Factor Authentication

  • Enhanced security for Quicklaunch room access with two factor authentication using Azure Active Directory (AD2)
  • Integration with Quicklaunch check-in process and change user
  • Can also be used for administrative access to Quicklaunch settings

Secure Email

  • Securely send documents created during meetings
  • Integration with Hoylu Sketch & Flow and FlatFrog Board software

Quicklaunch Remote Control

  • Control the meeting space using your smart phone
  • Quicklaunch Remote Control can…
    • Join Current Meeting,
    • Run Action Tiles,
    • Control Mouse and Keyboard, and
    • Run Room Reset
  • After Room Reset occurs, all connected devices are removed from the session

NEC and Quicklaunch - New Features

NEC & Quicklaunch - Remote Control Feature

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