Trolley PD03MHA

High-end motorised and height-adjustable mobile stand for dedicated Sharp/NEC large format displays (48" to 98").

Objednací kód: 100014281

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Add flexibility and ergonomics for your interaction.

Automatic height-adjustable trolley offering moveable and ergonomic interactivity for corporate and education, with focus on stability, mobility and flexibility.

Elegant yet robust, the bracket prevents the display from shaking when touched. Electrical height-adjustment makes it easy to adjust the screen to different users.


  • Soft motorised height-adjustment, readily available from a button on the side of the unit
  • Especially designed for usage with touch displays
  • Professional cable management inside the main body
  • Storage space for equipment
  • Easy to move (large handles are standard)
  • Lockable 100 mm casters enable safe and easy maneuverability over various flooring surfaces
  • Highly pre-assembled to make installation quick and easy
  • Patent approved and design protected

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