NEC MultiSync® UN462VA

LCD 46" Public displej do videostěn

Úroveň „haze level“ Pro
Provozní hodiny 24/7
Jas [cd/m²] 500
Rozlišení 1920 x 1080
Objednací kód 60004518
24/7 Operation
Crestron RoomView
NaViSet Administrator 2

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NaViSet Administrator 2

Network-based Control and Asset Management Software (v 2.0.65)

PD Comms Tool


The NEC PD Comms Tool is a utility for communicating with and configuring NEC large format displays that feature an RS232 and/or LAN interface.

Display Wall Calibrator

The NEC Display Wall Calibrator system automatically adjusts the colour and brightness of each display to present the impression of one single digital canvas.

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