Generate perfectly homogeneous digital canvases from multiple projection installations.



Projection perfection

ProAssist is software for controlling the projector and adjusting the projection screen from a computer via a network. It allows necessary adjustments to be carried out smoothly when combining several projectors together to project a large screen in a classroom, meeting room, hall etc

Where projected images appear side-by-side or overlap, even imperceptible misalignments in colour and brightness become jarringly apparent. Making manual adjustments to individual projectors is difficult, yet with ProAssist, each projector is fine-tuned via the network to produce a single homogeneous result.

ProAssist manages the settings for colour uniformity, colour gamma, lens control as well as edge blending in one single application.

Installations in rental & staging, digital signage and leisure and entertainment, especially museums, will benefit from this highly efficient control software.

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  • Switching the input signal 
  • Adjusting the quality and brightness of the picture 
  • Lens control - lens shift and focussing can be carried out and the adjustment values thereof can be saved.
  • Adjusting the color uniformity of the screen - it corrects the color non-uniformity that may occur locally on the projection screen. The color non-uniformity is reduced by gradually changing the colors in the selected range.
  • Adjusting the boundary of the screen (Edge Blending) - it makes the screen boundary less distinct by adjusting the brightness, color density etc. of the area where the screens overlap.
  • Adjusting the intermediate tone colors between projectors (Gamma Tone) - adjust the RGB level for each gradation and set the gamma tone (gradation reproducibility) to make the screen uniform.
  • Auto adjust - automatically adjust white balance, black level, gamma tone, and uniformity using the Web camera.
  • Geometric correction - performs distortion correction when projecting onto a screen with a special shape such as a cylindrical or spherical surface etc.

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