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VU University Amsterdam

Flexible multi-purpose AV solutions

The VU University Amsterdam is a socially engaged research and education university in the heart of the Zuidas international business center in Amsterdam. Effectively a small city with a supermarket, cinema, theatre, church, restaurants, library and sport venues; the campus also supports new company start-ups generating a vibrant community atmosphere.

The VU campus is a hospitable and lively meeting place where students, teachers, researchers and the business community come together. Supporting the campus community’s AV needs is the in-house Audiovisual Center (AVC).


Facilitating a future proof educational, entertainment and business AV environment, NEC large format displays and collaboration solutions enhance the multipurpose offering at the VU University in Amsterdam.

The Challenge

Whilst the campus has excellent educational and research facilities, there was an urgent need to update the AV equipment to provide a futureproof solution. The AVC’s requirements demanded cost efficient and durable products which promised reliable long-life performance.

As a small team managing a high daily workload, the low failure rate offered by Sharp NEC Display Solutions was appealing.

The quality, modularity and broad product portfolio was a key differentiator for the AVC team who needed high flexibility and open architecture to satisfy its diverse client needs.


The Sharp/NEC Solution

The modular design of the NEC InfinityBoard provides the AVC team with the flexibility to build in additional elements to create a scalable, futureproof meeting room design. The FlatFrog touch screen provides a precise, high quality interactive experience for video conferencing, collaboration and presentation solutions based on NEC displays, speakers and cameras providing support for on- and offline interaction with anyone, anywhere.


Available across campus in meeting rooms and classrooms, as fixed installations and on mobile trolleys, the NEC solutions provide exceptional flexibility.

The VU Education Lab features 4 x 2 49inch NEC video wall displays. Installation is easy with pre calibrated displays delivering instant crisp, high picture quality; and with a high haze filter content is easily readable even in the bright spaces.

Trolleys mounted with NEC C Series displays and collaboration bars provide a manageable and simple solution along with Barco Weconnect, Neets EU or Extron Flex55 control boxes.

Further NEC Large Format Displays from the C, V, and E Series provide signage and presentation display right across the campus.

With the selection of NEC products, the AVC has created a new AV environment which will fulfill the educational and business needs of the VU Amsterdam for today and the coming years.

Furthermore, the embedded open SoC compute capability delivers all the futureproof flexibility and manageability that the AVC requires in order to provide multi-platform solutions for different user scenarios.

The busy AVC team are confident that their day-to-day tasks will no longer include solving issues relating to unreliable equipment.