Sharp/NEC and Hiperwall partner to bring Hiperwall 8.0 to the control room


Munich September 29, 2022Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe is partnering with Hiperwall, Inc., a leader in IP-based video wall and signage control solutions, on the launch of a new version of Hiperwall’s powerful, hardware-agnostic video wall control software. One of the most value-adding upgrades to the company’s software to date, Hiperwall 8.0 unlocks powerful features which significantly improve content integrity, system performance, and content sharing. By combining the Hiperwall software’s power and flexibility with Sharp/NEC’s solution quality and expertise, customers get the insight and accuracy they need for informed decision-making. As a strategic partner, Sharp/NEC will offer Hiperwall software version 8.0 to its channel partner network through its display, projection and dvLED solutions.

Hiperwall version 8.0 is a complete set of applications for designing and operating any visual canvas like LED or video wall systems for informed decision-making. The new version adds video wall zone control, high frame rate 4K content support and simplified content sharing between systems. The features include:

Zone Control and Permissions: HiperZones allows video wall administrators to maintain integrity of displayed content by reducing the possibility of unwanted interference by users. With HiperZones, admins gain the ability to define multiple access-controlled zones on a single video wall – turning one video wall into a group of several smaller video wall areas. The feature is ideal for maintaining order within a control room, especially during mission-critical operations: it enables only designated operators to access, share content to and manipulate their assigned zone of the video wall. Combined with a HiperOperator license, users can remotely access and share content to their assigned zone from any Windows PC or tablet. Admins with full permissions can access all areas, move objects between them, and take over the entire wall when necessary.

“The newly created HiperZones addon is a terrific new feature allowing operators to manage specific areas of the wall and not overwrite other areas, while still enabling global content changes. This will add to the useability of a large wall in all application areas,” said Stephen Wair, Business Segment Lead for Control Rooms at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe.

Simple, Organised Sharing Between Video Walls: Many government agencies, security operations centres and network operations centres have complex network security requirements in place which can be challenging and compromising to network security integrity. The new version of Hiperwall software adds HiperCast Pull, a solution that simplifies HiperCast configurations, making it capable of sharing content between an organisation’s various Hiperwall-powered video walls – without any network or server changes. Via a ‘HiperCast Pull’ button, users can access a menu of in-network video walls to connect to and select their required sources.

“HiperCast is now extended so that chosen sources can be pulled from, or pushed to a second Hiperwall system. This greatly enhances the ability to use a second Hiperwall system as a DR (Disaster Recover) site on a short- or long-term basis,” continued Stephen Wair.

Enhanced Efficiency for Higher Quality Content: The new HiperSource Streamer+ technology enables users to maximise the visualisation capabilities of Hiperwall Certified HiperView PCs from Seneca, and modern UHD displays are now supporting seamless output of 4K content at 60 frames per second. Due to the upgraded foundational technology on which HiperSource Streamer+ is based, content streams are more efficient than ever, allowing Hiperwall video walls to support more simultaneous content streams from a single HiperSource Streamer PC. With version 8.0, Hiperwall also introduces HiperView+, a no-cost license upgrade for customers with HiperView PCs equipped with NVIDIA graphics cards. Based on HiperView Quantum technology – the same technology Hiperwall developed for seamless direct view LED video performance across multiple video wall controllers – HiperView+ delivers high-performance content drawing and synchronised video decoding, enhancing HiperView PC performance and video playback capabilities. Support for Intel-based graphics is in development.

“With content becoming more diverse and increasing in resolution, as well as the addition of source capture up to 4K60 now allows Hiperwall to be used to show standard sources from the smallest low frame rate to 4K sources at 60 frames,” concluded Stephen Wair.

For more information on Hiperwall 8.0 or the Sharp/NEC video wall and control room solutions, visit our dedicated web pages.

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