NEC Firmware Update Tool

Utility to assist with updating the firmware of dedicated Sharp/NEC large format and desktop displays.


Easy way to update the firmware of LCD displays

The Display Firmware Update Tool is a utility to assist with updating the firmware in large format Sharp/NEC LCD displays and some models of desktop LCD displays.


  • Automatically locates networked NEC display models and determines if newer firmware is available.
  • Details of the changes between the installed firmware and the latest version are listed.
  • Automatically downloads and verifies the latest firmware. Firmware can be downloaded for off-line use if needed.
  • For models that can be updated via LAN, the update process is almost fully automated and the progress and estimated remaining time is shown.
  • Up to 20 displays can be updated via LAN simultaneously. Other displays are queued until an update slot becomes available.
  • For models are updated via USB, the correct firmware is copied to a USB drive and instructions on how to update are displayed.

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