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Digital Signage – Bubbleroom brings hanging garments to life

Bubbleroom is one of Sweden’s leading fashion enterprises with more than 400,000 registered customers. In 2013, the company took its successful e-commerce concept into physical stores – to get closer to customers and broaden its reach via new channels. The first store opened in Skärholmen in Stockholm. Today, Bubbleroom operates six stores in Sweden and plans to open an additional 14.

The Challenge

Transitioning from e-commerce to physical stores – without losing the overall experience – creates many challenges. Naturally, one of the most obvious challenges is to display broad product ranges. While Bubbleroom’s web store offers more than 4,500 items, i.e., clothes, shoes, and accessories, the physical stores cannot accommodate more than a few hundred well-chosen products.

Stores require careful, extensive planning and a holistic approach when it comes to product-range structure. In the web shop, consumers happily purchase many small items, while the opposite occurs in physical stores. So collection and product-range planning varies substantially within Bubbleroom’s two sales channels.

Compared to web stores, physical stores are much more dependent on weather and seasons. For example, Bubbleroom can launch web sales of graduation dresses in early January; this wouldn’t work in a physical store.

BubbleroomMainImageDespite these differences, Bubbleroom’s holistic approach in physical stores must mirror its web store, namely: exclusive and special, which puts rigorous demands on interior design and technology.

Customers must experience the brand the same way – regardless of the sales channel. As Bubbleroom is a digital forerunner, all its partners must be at the cutting edge; they must be able to identify opportunities and think creatively.


The NEC Solution

A digital signage solution enabled a natural transition from e-commerce to physical Bubbleroom stores. In partnership with NEC, Bubbleroom installed carefully selected monitors that naturally blend into its modern stores. The monitors are equipped with digital signage players that facilitate seamless installations without cables visible to shoppers.

BubbleroomDetail1The monitors display wider product ranges – thus eliminating the physical store’s limited ability to stock many items and large volumes. They also display special deals, promotional films that reveal the latest collections, and moving images that show garments on fashion models. Bubbleroom’s marketing team plans and produces all content.

A digital signage media player facilitates content changes and controls that are done directly by store managers or centrally by Bubbleroom’s marketing department. So content can be adapted quickly as needed, e.g., to display promotions that are currently relevant or to quickly exhibit jackets when temperatures drop.

Monitor models were specifically selected to add value to customers’ experiences in the stores. The monitors became a key element for emphasizing the brand’s connection to innovation and its online presence.


The Result

Bubbleroom’s digital signage investment contributed to a more interactive, modern environment in the physical stores. Changing content with campaigns enables the stores to be perceived as more vibrant and innovative.

BubbleroomDetail2Showing garments on the monitors complements the clothes on the hangers and gives visitors a better overview of Bubbleroom’s products. Customers get an instant idea of how garments move and look. So the solution functions as a modern, digital mannequin.

Digital signage makes it possible to display more items and broader product ranges, which meets the challenge of storing many product ranges in large volumes.

Digital signage enables enhanced customer experiences by clearly linking Bubbleroom’s digital and analog environments. In turn, this encourages customer loyalty.

To support physical store expansions, Bubbleroom will continue to invest in digital signage with proactively designed content.