NEC Display Solutions Client Installation Digital Signage

Aramón Formigal Ski Resort


This exclusive resort is providing holiday makers with an elite, cutting-edge holiday experience; delivering the full package of snow and apres-ski experiences, Aramón Formigal is working hard to delight its guests and ensure loyalty. Cutting-edge visual technology supports the high level of customer service, delivering ski and event information via displays which defy the harsh outdoor elements, meaning holiday makers don’t even need to take their ski boots off!

The Challenge

Display technology helps to increase effectiveness in both advertising and communication, something fundamental for the retail and leisure sector, which is always looking for new ways to reach users and get their loyalty. In this case, technology forms part of a challenge that began with the need to integrate digital signage in an outdoor space associated with leisure having some extreme weather conditions.

During the time of the installation and commissioning, careful attention was paid to the details of all elements, both of the resort and its aprés-ski venue par excellence, Marchica, to achieve an innovative and eye-catching result: “the goal of this project was clear to all stakeholders: to create their own communication channel to be used for the promotion of events and news on the terrace of the venue”, assures Pablo Torres.


Aramón Formigal has endeavoured to convert its pistes, events, and activities as a benchmark in the sector. That is why, since its expansion in the season of 2007-2008, it has 137 kilometres of pistes, a piste for sledges, a snowshoeing circuit, new off-piste routes and numerous restaurants and night venues. These last ones make Marchica stand out, which is located at the bottom of the piste and boasts a huge party room with an outdoor terrace that has now been enhanced with the installation of the videowall from NEC Display Solutions.

Six NEC screens were chosen: four X464UN for said videowall for the promotion of parties and events and two E MultiSync displays: E424, located in the teacher’s room, and the MultiSync E554, which is used on the outside so that the teachers can see when and where their next class is without having to enter the building and take off their skis.

Apart from the large format displays installed in December by Ecomputer, the resort already had six devices from NEC DS of 42 inches in the locker room and hospitality areas that are used to publicise existing promotions on both the ski pistes and the restaurants. The products from NEC Display Solutions increase the value offered to customers, since it does not only entertain the user, but rather allows you to be informed and thus have a more complete leisure experience.


The NEC Solution

The four displays that make up the videowall are ultra-thin and boast the world’s narrowest bezel, which creates an impressive seamless screen and consequently, a single, large image. On the other hand, it allow multiple configurations and can show different contents on each monitor or divide them according to the needs.

The E Series models used have a professional LCD panel with the latest Edge LED backlights and are designed to be easily integrated in shop windows, digital signage devices, and conference rooms thanks to their elegant design. In addition, they are particularly suitable for exposure in places with heavy traffic as it is the case of ski resorts. These advantages, together with its high quality image thanks to the high resolution Full HD, make these screens the ideal choice.

All these technical and visual advantages have also been crucial in the decision in favour of NEC DS as our manufacturer, without forgetting the great support provided by the company from the moment this initiative began to take shape, involving itself directly in the entire process”, says Torres. “Furthermore, the technical departments have offered to help with the configuration and calibration of the screens at any time, which has facilitated our work a lot”, he concludes.

NEC’s technology is able to provide numerous benefits, another reason why Formigal has opted for them: “a technological and innovative project like this has a huge impact on the sector and is of major help to help capturing the attention of the people. In addition, it also represents a saving in the realisation of publicity or disclosure of contents and information”, claims Pablo Torres.


The Result

The reliability of Digital Signage ensures that the confidence in these types of platforms grows every day. This is why Formigal has a clear idea that this is only the beginning of many more collaborations: “given the good results that are obtained in this season, we will introduce NEC’s technology to the rest of the resorts.”

In conclusion, Pablo Torres comments: “for us it was very important to be able to integrate digital signage in an outdoor area associated with leisure and where there are several weekly events hosted by major international brands, the complete solution from NEC has shown to be the best choice”.