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Creating the ultimate prestige retail experience

Harrods is an experience in itself, every bit an iconic visitor attraction in addition to purveyor of prestige goods. New digital media technologies enable the Knightsbridge store to deliver breathtaking visual content to enhance the retail experience and meet the high expectations of its discerning clientele. Performance NEC Displays deliver targeted point-of-sale messaging and dramatic video wall advertising throughout the store, reflecting the status and quality of promoted brands.

The world’s most famous department store, Harrods, is renowned for its luxury merchandise and unparalleled customer service. The store occupies a vast site in London’s fashionable Knightsbridge and boasts an unrivalled range of products from the most esteemed brands; from fashion and food to homewares and beauty.

The Challenge

Many of the world’s most prestigious brands are showcased within Harrods Department Store, including concessions whose name and identity are everything to their status and success. Consequently, Harrods is ever mindful of ensuring its clientele enjoy the best possible retail experience whilst providing exceptional marketing opportunities for its in-store concessions.


Digital display assets have been providing a high profile medium for luxury brand advertising throughout the store for several years; back in 2011 NEC installed video wall displays at key locations across the store. More than simply signage, Harrods uses sophisticated content delivery methods to ensure its customers enjoy a high impact digital media experience targeted to drive sales and generate brand awareness.

The NEC Solution

Ready for a refresh to ensure best possible picture reproduction, Harrods saw the UK’s first installation of the new NEC X464UNS video wall modules, orchestrated by VIVID Digital Retail. Delivering phenomenal visual impact, the new generation of digital displays with the narrowest combined bezel of just 3.5mm, sets the standard for high impact retail signage.

“VIVID worked closely with Harrods, reviewing the latest technologies at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show”, says Paul O’Reilly, CEO VIVID Digital Retail. “We were delighted to see some of the key enhanced features in NEC’s display technology including 4K support, Frame Comp and NFC configuration app. NEC prioritised an air shipment with the first X464UNS into the UK to meet our tight installation schedule and ensure the store’s media campaigns stayed on schedule.”


The refresh replaced all existing NEC digital assets including one 4 panel video wall on the lower ground floor; two 16 panel video walls located adjacent to the main store entrance on the ground floor and two further video walls comprising 12 and 9 panels located on the third and fifth floors. Featuring a unique built-in NFC sensor, set-up and maintenance of the digital assets is very quick and simple using NEC’s new Android app.

New and unique NEC Frame Comp functionality supports a seamless appearance and presents moving content without any interruption, creating one stunning image by synchronising the content across the wall.

Harrods Digital Media is integrated right across its selling floors driving point of purchase sales in several departments, all connected to its networked digital messaging solution. NEC V Series displays are located alongside the famous Egyptian staircase. Harrods new ‘Shoe Heaven’; a vast shoe department unlike any other in the world, sees NEC’s professional 40” P403 displays deliver point-of-sale advertising and promotions, reflecting the elegant opulence of the interior design.

The Result

“The original NEC video wall screens outperformed their warranty and we had no technical issues in over 5 years of operation, which is an impressive performance given the tough demands of a 24/7 retail environment,” states Guy Cheston, Harrods Media Sales Director.

“However, we are delighted with the refresh of digital screens at a key location in the store. This is a significant investment for us but we feel that we have to continuously strive to offer our luxury brands the best platform to display their products. The new screens really pop and the clarity of image is truly stunning”.