NEC Display Solutions Client Installation Retail and Signage

Hiperdino Supermarkets


The Hiperdino Group implements digital signage within its supermarkets on the Canary Islands, improving communication with its customers, enhancing the shopping experience whilst achieving sales uplift.

Hiperdino is one of the first national supermarket chains to implement a new and attractive information system that generates a positive shopping experience for its clients, as well as improving communication at the point of sale. When carrying out this deployment, the group was supported by a local specialist company for digital signage, DJ3 Canarias. DJ3 Canarias specified NEC display equipment for the installation.

“We chose NEC Display Technology because the features offered by the V Series monitors are clearly superior compared to equivalent competitive models for digital signage applications - the quality/price ratio is second to none”, says Luis Domínguez, Head of Engineering at DJ3 Canarias. “Our experience with NEC professional displays has been very positive since we started working with them in 2007. We have installed NEC devices over this period and seen them in operation at peak performance, continuously in commercial environments without any incidents”.

This project started in March 2013 when the first installation at the Hiperdino Group took place, summing up to more than 121 NEC displays in 2013. In 2014 more installation are planned and the numbers will continue to grow as more centres adopt this technology.


The Challenge


The usefulness of technological solutions to achieve greater effectiveness in both advertising and communication is a proven fact, and as far as the retail sector is concerned, one always looks for more and better ways to reach your audience to maintain their loyalty. In the Hiperdino chain, the large-format screens were placed in line with the circulatory flow of the public, always looking for maximum visibility, enabling both customers and employees to form an active part of this project.

The NEC Display monitors not only display data, but, thanks to the Scala Infochannel software platform, the application also boasts touch technology for the management and monitoring of shifts in the sections of perishable goods, virtual multi-lingual voice technology to generate personalised messages for each campaign and audience analysis systems that permit the collection of data regarding the effectiveness of each campaign made.

By offering so many possibilities, this platform does not only facilitate the purchase for the user and avoids unnecessary waiting, but it also permits the supermarket to visualise those products or messages that interest them in a simple and interactive way.

In addition, for the Hiperdino Group, having a large number of foreign customers, the option to transmit the message in different languages is a great advantage to support visual information on a screen.

The NEC Solution

NEC displays let you enjoy all these options in a simple way, which is a benefit when choosing their screens. The manager of the multimedia division at DJ3 Canarias says: “Some of the features that convinced us most when choosing NEC are the availability of multiple signal connection interfaces, the intelligent management via LAN and the equipment with an OPS slot.”


Moreover, the presence of digital signage technology is on the increase, and there are more and more communication experiences based on this technology. One of the fundamental reasons for this growth is its capacity to provide tangible and intangible benefits. Tangible benefits are the ones with an economic correspondence (increase in sales and advertising revenue), and tangible ones are the ones associated with the improvement of internal communications, corporate image and user buying experience.

Mr Domínguez assures: “In the particular case of the food sector, our experience has allowed us to corroborate the benefits. In the area of tangible benefits, the increase in sales is the main advantage obtained by incorporating digital signage technology. Data provided by the analyses and measurements of results we have carried out on a regular basis since 2007 prove this to us. The average increase in sales of those products shown on the screens is above 60% reaching milestones higher than 230%, whilst the increase in sales of products that appear only in the printed catalogue or traditional signage reaches only 30%.”

These good results have the effect that the confidence in these type of platforms increases day by day. The implementation of this project in the Hiperdino centres has attracted interest from clients in other sectors, such as retail, transport and the catering business.

The Result


Although DJ3 Canarias had already developed similar solutions from NEC for other clients in the food sector, this project presents important innovations such as the integration of a shift management system, audience analysis, background music management and virtual speech in various languages.


In the future, progress will also continue to advance and proposals will be designed that meet specific requirements of each system and allow the introduction of added-value systems in future updates, such as interactive screens or Bluetooth connectivity.

For Luis Domínguez of DJ3 Canarias, it is essential to maintain long-term business relations to always be able to offer the same level of high quality in synchrony with the requirements of the client, this is why after so many years they continue to rely on NEC technology. He himself assures: “It is essential for us to count on the support of NEC to provide us with demo units of their products during the development of our solutions and the phase prior to deployment, as this allows us to offer solutions that are reliable and were sufficiently tested in practice”.