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Data driven audience delivery

Digital out of Home is entering a new era with embedded intelligence enabling brands to deliver highly targeted messages with accurate insights into audiences exposed to each campaign. Poised to transmit the right message in the right place at the right time, Orb has partnered with NEC to deliver an all-in-one DooH solution.

Ireland’s largest street-side DooH network, Orb is strategically located in high density foot-fall hotspots bringing Digital out of Home beyond the traditional mall and transport clusters and into the city centre. Busy commercial hubs, creative quarters, entertaining and eating areas all define the company’s focus, allowing advertising brands to reach out to audiences, right at the heart of the action.

The Challenge

The traditional way of buying screen advertising through the metrics of time and number of screens has limitations when measuring campaign effectiveness. Big brands are demanding greater ROI on their campaigns and further insight into campaign spend. Orb’s integration of analytics has transformed the intelligence which can be captured, improving its effectiveness and informing future decisions.

Sunlight is no friend to DooH and Orb’s preferred location in shop windows on the city’s busy streets means that they are often situated in direct sun. Sunlight can dim down screens in the day time and make them invisible. Orb selected NEC High Bright displays to ensure its clients’ campaigns remain clearly visible, even on the brightest of days.

OrbscreenDetail1The NEC Solution

NEC’s displays ensure audiences view crisp playback of content, their high-quality components ensure 24/7 operation and a special coating on the screen allows uncompromised viewing in direct sunlight so each campaign will deliver as expected.

The High Bright display paves the way for Orb to run NEC screens at full brightness, 24/7, to get the maximum impact. The screens have a brightness level up to 2700 cd/m2 which, when compared to 700cd/m2 on a standard street-side screen, is almost 4 times brighter. Comparing this again with a standard domestic screen offering a typical brightness of 150cd/m2, you can start to understand why sunlight is no obstacle for Orb and NEC.

Driving content and supporting Orb’s analytic software, NEC’s 6th generation OPS PC device is embedded into the screen for a neat and seamless solution, powerful enough to deliver high definition, high bright audience triggered content to fully support Orb’s USP.

‘Our business model is based upon reaching people at the city centre, pointing advertising screens out from retail outlets so high brightness is crucial!’ says Geoff Fitzpatrick, Founder and MD of Orb. ‘We offer our clients data driven audience delivery meaning we can measure audience analytics such as age, gender, facial features, mood and dwell time. This is entirely anonymous and in no way violates any personal privacy. What it does do however, is ensure our clients can maximise the potency of their campaigns.’

Analytics allow brands to target a specific audience whereby they pay according to the number of eyeballs viewing the screen, not simply the number of times the ad was delivered to the screen. Geoff explains: ‘For a promotional trailer of the recent movie ‘Snatched’, a film targeted at an all-female audience, we were able offer our client a complete breakdown of female viewers, this generates powerful insights for their future campaigns.’
Orb’s client list is impressive with big movie brands including Disney, Universal, Paramount and 20th Century Fox, leading car manufacturers and drinks brands including Heineken and, of course, Guinness.

The premises chosen to locate the screens benefit too. With looped advertising alongside promotional video content to highlight their own brand offering, the eye catching shop window technology draws attention from passers-by making the venue an attractive proposition. The all-in-one solution means there are no external devices or additional cabling needing to be accommodated resulting in a neat cable-free installation appealing to retailers. Mounted in prominent positions pointing out to the street, Dublin’s retail stores, pubs and restaurants are benefiting from big brand associations whilst promoting their own offering

OrbscreenDetail2The Result

With Orb’s intelligent digital screen estate continuing to grow, Dublin’s street scene will see a network of over 100 screens by the end of 2017.

‘With media noise at an all-time high and people overloaded with messages, our intelligent analytics allows brands to measure exactly the effectiveness of each campaign’, says Geoff. ‘Our clients are guaranteed a quality audience and our locations benefit from the association. Dublin is a vibrant and colourful city and our digital displays are located right at the very heart of the action adding to the lively atmosphere which visitors come to enjoy both day and night. Wherever they pass, they will see our displays and we can measure this for powerful results.’