NEC‘s Corporate Social Responsibility

Through CSR activities and innovation, NEC strives to contribute to the solving of social issues as a good corporate citizen, fulfilling its compliance and economic responsibilities for the sustainable development of its businesses and society. Sustainable development is a socio-ecological process characterized by the fulfilment of human needs while maintaining the quality of the natural environment indefinitely.

In its Annual CSR Report NEC provides an in-depth overview of its CSR-related activities, including Corporate Governance (ethics and compliance, risk management and information security) and initiatives taken in response to the interests of all of NEC's stakeholders.

More Information about the Corporate Social Responsibility program and activities of the NEC Corporation

Address climate change and environmental preservation

Human activities are now recognized worldwide as a cause of climate change in the form of global warming. The significant link
between economic activities and CO2 emissions has become a particularly serious social issue. NEC is not only reducing internal
CO2 emissions, but also working to supply original IT-driven technologies that help to lower CO2 emissions across society. NEC
is also looking at ways of using IT-based approaches to tackle other effects of climate change. In other areas, NEC is engaged in
tree-planting programs.

Include Everyone in the Digital Society

The digital society will highlight economic and digital divides that prevent some people from deriving benefits from its realization
of convenient, affluent lifestyles. Through the application of information and network technologies, NEC will remain a good
corporate citizen by helping to ensure that the benefits of the digital society enhance the lives of all people irrespective of their
circumstances, including seniors, people with disabilities and citizens of developing nations.

Build Reliable Information and Communications Infrastructure

The increasing complexity and diversity of various forms of communication are making ultra-reliable information and communications
infrastructure one of the key objectives. NEC seeks to apply innovation to develop ultra-reliable information and communications
infrastructure centered on NGN, to support an “information society friendly to humans and the earth.”

Provide Multifaceted Security

With the ability to access information networks any time, any place, life has become more convenient. However, providing security
to prevent crime, terrorism, information leaks and other problems has become increasingly necessary. Social etiquette and ethical
concerns will also assume greater importance. By deploying advanced security technologies and acting as a responsible corporate
citizen, NEC aims to help people lead more secure lives.

Earn Customer Trust

Because companies owe their existence to society, NEC must pay attention to society in the course of managing its business
operations, taking into account consumers and all other members of society. NEC considers customer value from a social
perspective and seeks to work with customers to find solutions to social issues. Accomplishing this goal requires strong customer
relationships built on trust. NEC is continually focused on building customer trust through initiatives targeting increased customer
satisfaction (CS), quality and security.

Empower Our People

Employees form the foundation that underpins NEC’s business activities. NEC is working to promote quality workplaces that respect
diversity and to cultivate HR on a global basis. Programs to maintain the health and safety of employees are ongoing. NEC also
encourages employees to participate in local volunteer activities to promote greater consideration of the relationship with society
and sensitivity to social needs.

Strengthen Risk Management and Compliance

Developing more secure internal systems and procedures across the NEC Group and supply chain initiatives is a premise for
contributing to finding solutions to social issues. NEC continues to strengthen risk management and compliance practices,
including human rights, OH&S, the environment, etc., to ensure that the management of the business is always sound from
the standpoint of society.