Manual Height-adjustable Trolley PD02MHM

Height-adjustable trolley for interactive large format display solutions from 55" to 98" (up to 81 kg)

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PD02MHM - high-end mobile, manual height-adjustable mount for interactive large format display solutions

Adjust the height of your display with the lightest of touches, and no electrical connection needed! With the trolley you get moveable and ergonomic interactivity with focus on stability, mobility and flexibility.

The trend in today‘s audio visual market is interactivity; touchscreen displays in class rooms, trainings centres, video conferencing rooms and on the production floor. To allow every participant to enjoy the benefits of the interactive system, the PD02MHM is an innovative height adjustable mobile mount solution based on the unique BalanceBox® technology with great features.

Adjust your display to any vertical position with just your fingertips. The BalanceBox® gives you ultimate comfort, is extremely reliable and safe and lets you get the most out of your audio visual experience


  • Easy touch movement - move up and down with only a light hand touch and no electricity needed.
  • Perfect fit to your needs - the display remains steady in the precise position you select to suit your working style.
  • Quick and easy installation - a simple design adn easy mounting ensure speedy imlementation.
  • Lowering your maintenance effort - easy initial balance adjustment with just two screws guarantees a long term maintenance-free operation.

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