Video Wall Mount PD03 VW MFS 46-55 P

Universal video wall mount with manual front service for 46" to 55" NEC large format displays. Portrait orientation. 

Order Code: 40001097

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This wall mount is not only the perfect mount for single display installations. Together with specific connectors, it includes a variety of features to make multi-display installations fast and easy. It is therefore the ideal solution for quick serve restaurants and for airport flight information boards. In addition optional video conference accessories make it the perfect choice for any kind of meeting room situation.

Recommended for video wall setups up to 2x2, max. 3x3 displays.

Delivering Genuine Benefits

  • Supports an unlimited number of displays without configuration limitation
  • Provides effortless tilting by using the center of gravity to balance the screen
  • Post-installation lateral shift allows displays to slide apart and back together to simplify installation and maintenance
  • Hear an audible click when the displays safely engage with the mount
  • Provides low-profile, fingertip tilt
  • Built-in cable stand provides easy access under the screen
  • Optional connector kits easily connect mounts to create multi-monitor menu board configurations
  • Pull-out / Prop-open mechanism provides quick service access
  • Secure mounting hardware ensures the display remains safely locked against the wall
  • Optional accessories make it the perfect solution for video conferencing applications

Technical Sepcifications

   Landscape Version                Portrait Version               
 Min. Depth                   90,7 mm  120,7 mm
 Max. Extension 293,1 mm  333,4 mm
Lateral Shift 441 mm  265 mm
 Manual Height Adjustment     25 mm  25 mm

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