De-/Re-install Service for NEC Large Format Displays

Optional De-/Re-install Service (1st to 3rd year or 1st to 5th year) for dedicated NEC 32" to 98" Large Format Displays

Price on infomail _at_ nec-displays _dot_ com

  • Service Type: Next business day (wherever possible)
  • Usage: Dependent on product series and models
  • Terms: This service can be purchased within 3 months after product delivery acc. to currently valid guarantee terms provided on the NDS-E website. Warranty extension of 4th and 5th year is excluded and must be purchased additionally.
  • Installation Environment: Max. installation height of 2.5 meters, free and easy to access.
  • Exceptions: Protective and mirror glass large format displays, option slot solutions and videowall installations are excluded from this service. Software  and configuration failures are excluded, failure and issues due to the customer software/images are excluded from this service.

Entry-Level Displays (MultiSync® E705, E805, E905)

  • Usage: Max. usage 12/7, landscape mode only
  • Limitation:  This service is limited to 22.000 hours usage or 5 years, whatever comes first.

32" to 98" Value Displays, Professional Displays and Videowall Displays (MultiSync® C, V, P, UN, UX, X Series)

  • Usage: Max. usage 16/7
  • Limitation: This service is limited to 30.000 hours usage or 5 years, whatever comes first.