NaViSet Administrator 2

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Version 2.0.65 Build 190915 - September 15, 2019


About NaViSet Administrator 2

NaViSet Administrator 2 is the next generation of our network based control and asset management system for display devices. This version supports the asset reporting, monitoring and control of the following displays:

The NaViSet Administrator system includes the necessary remote software components to facilitate these various connection methods. These are included on the install media.

The main application is designed to run from a central location and will provide remote monitoring and control functionality of remote displays. It uses a database to store information about all of the remote displays and Windows computers, and provides controls to access many of the functions on the various types of displays.

Release Notes

Known Issues

Firmware Updates:
NaViSet Administrator is tested prior to release on devices with up-to-date firmware. Certain features have been added to enable additional functionality to some display models. These may require firmware to be updated in the device. The table below shows the minimum firmware versions required for given features and models.

FeatureDevice TypeModel(s)Firmware Rev.Firmware Version
Proof of Playlarge-screenP801, Pxx3, Xxx48 Firmware1:V1.055E, Firmware2:V1.021, Firmware3:V1.006, Firmware4:V1.004

Firmware updates and related installation instructions can be obtained through the Download page at

System Requirements

Operating System 32 and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, and Windows Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016.
LAN Standard TCP/IP LAN interface. Static IP addresses required for most displays connected directly to LAN, unless name resolution (hostname) support is provided.
System Resources At least 64MB available hard-disk space for installation.
Approximately 50MB per 100 devices hard-disk space required for database storage.
At least 96MB RAM (192MB recommended).
Software Adobe Reader X or higher is recommended for viewing the Userís Guide.
Open Hardware Monitor (optional) for monitoring computer temperature and fan status.

Supported Display Devices

NaViSet Administrator 2 supports the following display models:

  • NEC E series of large-screen display models without a built-in LAN connection are not supported.
  • The Proof of Play feature is available on Large-screen display models P801, Pxx3, Pxx4, Vxx4, Xxx4, Xxx5, Xxx1UHD, Pxx4Q, Vxx4Q, UNxx2, and Cxx1Q.
  • Please see the NaViSet Administrator web page for the current list of supported models.
  • Supported features and functionality depend on model.

Support and Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with NaViSet Administrator 2, please be sure to read the User's Guide included with the software. It contains a FAQ and Troubleshooting guide.

For additional technical support, please visit NEC Display Solutions online. A feedback form is available for direct assistance with NaViSet Administrator 2.

Revision History

V2.0.00: May 28, 2013

V2.0.01: June 7, 2013

V2.0.02: September 9, 2013

V2.0.10: December 17, 2013

V2.0.11: April 2, 2014 - April 14, 2014

V2.0.12: May 4, 2014

V2.0.20: July 30, 2014

V2.0.22: October 29, 2014

V2.0.31: May 15, 2015

V2.0.40: February 2, 2016

V2.0.41: May 10, 2016

V2.0.50: September 1, 2016

V2.0.60: March 15, 2017

V2.0.61: September 29, 2017

V2.0.62: June 1, 2018

V2.0.63: October 19, 2018

V2.0.64: May 17, 2019

V2.0.65: September 15, 2019

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