NEC 55" Du-Co Room System

NEC 55 NEC 55 NEC 55
NEC 55

Dual-Screen Room System for creative and interactive hybrid meetings

The 55” NEC Dual-Screen Room System combines two displays, an interactive NEC MultiSync® M551 IGB and an identically designed non-interactive MultiSync® M551 IGB non-touch, into a comprehensive user-friendly system. It is ideally suited for meeting and collaboration environments, whether for fully present or hybrid team meetings. With a sleek and elegant design, the display solution seamlessly fits into modern office spaces.

When working with an interactive and a non-interactive display in a dual-screen scenario, users no longer need to compromise between design and functionality. With the 55” NEC Du-Co Room System, users not only benefit from a visually pleasing solution but also an enhanced usability. Equipped with an InGlass™ touch display, the system offers a best-in-class pen-on-paper writing experience. Optimised for video conferencing (VC) room systems, the display solution facilitates creative processes in hybrid meetings, such as in Microsoft Teams or Zoom.


Supported Orientation Landscape


Touch Technology InGlass™


Special Characteristics DICOM Simulation
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