Table Legs (ZLEGS-PCAP-65-850-W)

Optional table legs for MultiSync® V654Q PCAP

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    TouchTableVXX4Q_FrontOn_1600x1200 MultiSync® V654Q PCAP

    Enticing table oriented touch for compelling signage and collaboration Designed for table integration, this range of ultra-high definition displays offers a familiar smartphone-like touch experience for applications in retail, corporate meeting rooms and signage. With optional table legs, the appealing appearance creates an enticing tool with which to attract and engage audiences or facilitate collaboration in Think Tanks. Using advanced 3MTM PCAP technology, any optical challenges as found in other projected capacitive technology such as moiré or sparkles are overcome resulting in exceptional touch performance with a smooth surface and high image quality. Perfectly suited to the rigors of public usage, the robust glass surface is resistant to scratches whilst its anti-glare property makes it suitable for use even in areas of high ambient light. Object detection capability opens intriguing signage opportunities especially for product promotion in retail.

    MultiSync<sup>®</sup> V654Q PCAP
    44 %
    242 W
    500 cd/m²
    8MP 3840 x 2160