Advanced Connectivity

Wireless Image Utility

WIU (Wireless Image Utility) can send images wirelessly from your iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and Android devices. It is a FREE Download from the iTunes Store and now also available on Google Play.

Key Benefits:

  • Wireless transfer of files stored on the Smartphone or SmartPad and in email attachments to the projector
  • Wireless transfer to the projector of web pages viewed on the Smartphone or Touch Pad
  • Real-time transfer from an Smartphone or Touch Pad camera to the projector
  • Cloud files can be projected in combination with file-sharing
  • Moving the pointer on the projection screen with the Smartphone
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Image Express Utility

The software enables the transfer of a Windows or Mac high quality content to up to 4 projectors via a wired or wireless network. There is no need for any installation on a PC and no need for any administrator rights. The software can be launched from a standard USB Memory Stick. This enables simple operation without any installation. As long as the PC and Projector are on the same network, the user can start his presentation and present on up to 4 projectors.

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OPS Options

Slot-In Options allow a wide range of upgrades to any NEC Large Format Display or Projector that has an OPS slot. In a campus scenario this means that scheduled content can be played locally in difficult to access locations or specialised content can be played via HDSDI or WiDi amongst a wide range of available OPS upgrades.

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