Green Vision

Lowering Costs of ownership with sustainability


NEC were one of the first companies to recognise the importance of social responsibility and protecting our planet and for decades we have striven to develop display solutions that use less power and materials whilst maximising operational longevity and maximising reusability. In Education the ‘NEC Green Vision’ campaign means lowering power consumption, via innovations such as AV Muting, Power to content adjustment, Ambient Light Sensing whilst avoiding harmful materials and reducing waste throughout the products manufacturing and operational lifecycle. Now with NEC ReTrade, schools can benefit by ecologically disposing of their old projectors and receiving payments in lieu, helping satisfy budgetary and ecological targets

Highlights include

  • Wide range of innovations designed to reduce operational consumption and extend longevity
  • Receive cash back for environmentally disposing of your old projectors
  • Award winning NEC Green Vision initiative
  • ReTrade, projector for cash trade-in scheme
  • TCO Certification for virtually all models



NEC ReTrade

Upgrade to the latest projector technology from NEC.

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Green Vision Website

We updated our Green Vision website with more information about our CSR activities, latest ECO standards and much more useful information.


Savings Calculators

TCO calculator to estimate and compare typical running costs of an office display monitor, a projector or a large format display.