Introducing the NEC P Series

The next generation of Airport Displays have arrived

The design of the new NEC P series is the result of the experience NEC has gained in delivering over 40,000 LCD displays to more than 180 of the world’s leading airports. 10 years and four generations on, the new NEC P Series continues to deliver 24/7 operation with complete peace of mind.

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The NEW NEC MultiSync® P Series Large Format Displays, designed to last in challenging environments.

Long Term Reliability
Dummy All metal chassis, automatic thermal management system and ambient light sensing, ensures that your investment is protected from all extremities.

Future Proof Investment
Conforms to the latest open standards in connectivity, network and Intel’s open pluggable specification (OPS) for slot-in embedded computing.

Transform your passenger communication
A customisable range of OPS device controllers, delivers FullHD video and content with ultra-high image quality and high 700cd/m2 brightness.

Intelligence built-in
A range of sensors allows the display to automatically react to an external event and to email you to let you know. The Human Presence sensor additionally tells the display to power on/off, get brighter or switch content on detection of a passenger.

Re-think how you use your passenger display
With almost 50% lighter and thinner displays you can deploy them differently. Optional in-bezel protective and interactive touch screens, and outdoor cabinets extend your range of application use, to include way-finding and retail POS.

Lowering Management and Operational Costs

Lowest power - NEC’s Japanese designed electronics and LED backlighting ensures minimal power consumption, saving the airport from high operational costs

Easy Installation - an integrated NFC (near field communication) chip allows engineers to configure unpowered displays whilst still in their box, using their smartphone

Remote Management - the display’s in-built browser gives support staff direct access to display diagnostic tools over the internet. Or manage your complete estate using NEC’s asset management software Naviset™