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ShadowSense Touch for Captivating Interactive Experience

ShadowSense touch technology is an innovative and patented optical position sensing technology. ShadowSense designs use high performance sensors to provide unprecedented performance, stability, and accuracy. The best analogy for ShadowSense technology lies in the 6,000 year old sundial. The shadow cast by a sundial instantly and accurately responds to the position of a light source without the use of lenses, with an infinite depth of field, and without the need for exposure control. ShadowSense technology exploits the same characteristics for touch applications, resulting in one of the highest performance, most robust optical sensing solutions available.

A dedicated dashboard tool allows the user to adjust the performance and touch characteristics based on specific application usage.

ShadowSense Performance

ShadowSense touch is based upon the precise and accurate detection of an object’s shadow as it enters, hovers within, or transitions out of a sensor’s field of view. The object’s position in the touch plane is then calculated based upon the ratio of a fully illuminated condition to the shadowed state for multiple light sources and multiple sensors.

When a finger or an object touches the screen, multiple shadows are cast out at different angles. Each one of the ShadowSensors calculates the angle of the shadow that falls upon it. The on-board processor calculates the interference pattern of the shadows detected by the various sensors. Simply, the interference pattern is where multiple shadows converge together and best describe the touch location. When the shadows converge, the intersection of the shadows also describe the size and shape of the object.


General Benefits

Fast, Accurate, Repeatable

ShadowSense have some of the fastest touch screen response times, regardless of the number of touches, and using the smallest amount of processing power possible.

Plug & Play

Does not need drivers or processor resources, and is a USB HID device. ShadowSense is compatible with all major operation systems – Windows, Linux, Android and Mac OS.

High Ambient Light Immunity

Even in direct sunlight or environments that are extremely bright, devices equipped with ShadowSense have sunlight readable touch screens that are virtually immune to ambient light problems.

Input Flexibility

Accepts touch inputs by gloves fingers, finger nails, pens, keys, credit cards, styluses, erasers, paint brushes, etc.

Ability to Sense Size of Object

When a device is able to detect size and spacing for touch screens, users gain exceptional control. Devices equipped with ShadowSense have this feature built-in, allowing for instantaneous reactions to different objects.

Failure Immunity

Avoid problems with unresponsive touch screens. ShadowSense touoch still works, even if parts of the screen are blocked or if other components of the device fail.

Dedicated Features for Interactive Signage Applications

Palm Rejection

Avoid unintentional inputs with palm rejection, one of the touch screen benefits of being able to detect object sizes and define what is recognized as a valid touch.

Eliminates Accidental Touches Based on Size

With ShadowSense, the user can filter out more unintentional touches by specifying the parameters of items that are considered acceptable inputs. The user can map out touches that are too small or too big.

Eliminates Accidental Touches Based on Speed

ShadowsSense touch is ensuring, quick accidental touches are not recognized as inputs. This makes ShadowSense touch screens much more reliable to use, which is important in a number of applications, including engineering, manufacturing, medical fields and aerospace.

Controls Transparent Touches

ShadowSense is aptly named, as it can filter out a shadow touch by detecting the shadow’s density, avoiding accidental inputs that might occur with water from spills or rain.

Controls Hover Distance

If you want to allow a device to detect inputs that do not actually touch the screen, you can allow for hover touch inputs that trigger from a predetermined distance above the screen’s surface.

Dedicated Features for Interactive Whitboard Applications

Recognize Pen and Eraser Instantly

Avoid cumbersome menu settings by enabling multi touch object recognition, letting you seamlessly transition between pen, eraser, and finger inputs. This feature is already supported by many applications (Microsoft Office, TouchTech LIMA, DisplayNote, etc. ShadowSense clearly distinguishes between the size of a pen and finger and an eraser ot the user’s palm (e.g. won’t accidentally erase with the palm).

Palm Rejection

Avoid unintentional inputs with palm rejection, one of the touch screen benefits of being able to detect object sizes and define what is recognized as a valid touch. Watches, shirt cuffs or bracelets brushing against the screen won’t register any input, increasing the reliability of use.

Recognition of Multi-Touch Gestures

Recognizes multi-touch gestures like swipes, pinch, flicks, tap, double tap and drag.

Easier to Process Mouse Click

The ability to accept multitouch input makes it easier for ShadowSense to identify different finger motions, distinguishing between double clicks, clicks, and click/drags more effectively.

Smooth Pen Stokes

High frame rates ensure smooth pen stokes which results in a more natural looking of annotations and the feel of the pen and the writing if much more realistic.

Fast Detection of Pen Up

Other touch technologies are not able to detect pen up very quickly, esp. if the user drags the pen very close to the surface of the glass. ShadowSense is able to predict pen up and pen down actions very quickly, eliminating the connected lines even when the user drags the pen close to the surface of the glass.


Interactive Digital Signage / POS / Wayfinding / Self-service Kiosks

NEC MultiSync® P404 SST

LCD 40" ShadowSense™ Touch Display

NEC MultiSync® P484 SST

LCD 48" ShadowSense™ Touch Display

NEC MultiSync® P554 SST

LCD 55" ShadowSense™ Touch Display

Interactive Whiteboard for Education & Corporate

NEC MultiSync® C651Q SST

LCD 65" ShadowSense™ Touch Display

NEC MultiSync® C751Q SST

LCD 75" ShadowSense™ Touch Display

NEC MultiSync® C861Q SST

LCD 86" ShadowSense™ Touch Display

NEC MultiSync® C981Q SST

LCD 98" ShadowSense™ Touch Display

Life-size interactive Signage / Control Rooms

NEC MultiSync® P703 SST (ShadowSense)

LCD 70" Professional Large Format Touch Display

NEC MultiSync® P801 SST (ShadowSense)

LCD 80" Professional Large Format Touch Display

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