NEC digital signage software enables simple production and presentation of high-impact content using NEC public displays

NEC Display Solutions offers new digital signage software for its public display solutions

Munich, 24 June 2009 – With its free NEC digital signage software, NEC Display Solutions is now proudly providing a professional software solution for the standard public displays of its NEC MultiSync ® 15 series that is both intuitive and user-friendly. Aimed for the entry-level digital signage sector, NEC’s digital signage software offers an easy means to create and display audiovisual content and user-defined ticker-tape announcements on its NEC MultiSync ® LCD3215, NEC MultiSync ® LCD4215 and NEC MultiSync ® LCD4615 standard public displays. The NEC digital signage software can be simply downloaded for user application and comprises an Editor Suite and a Player Suite. Media content created using the Editor Suite in the form of photos, videos or text can be simply transmitted by LAN or WLAN to up to three playback units (Windows XP-based PCs) which require installation of the Player Suite. Particularly easy for first-time users, the NEC digital signage software is perfectly suited for the quick and simple display of user-created content, for example, in reception areas or in shop windows.

The Windows XP-compatible application software has two components and is available for download free of charge. Media content can be user-created and combined in only a few simple steps using the Editor Suite, and then subsequently transmitted by LAN or WLAN to up to three playback units (Windows XP-based PCs) and NEC MultiSync ® 15 series public displays. Installed with the Player Suite software, the playback units are able to display the transmitted content. User-designed content can therefore be displayed in a timely, easy and targeted fashion.

Using photos, videos or flash animations, the NEC digital signage software ensures that user-created media content reaches the targeted audience in only a few mouse clicks. In addition, user-defined ticker-tape content can be created and transmitted, with infotainment applications also being a possibility of the system.

Whether in hotel lobbies, at the point of sale, in meeting rooms or in educational facilities, the NEC MultiSync ® 15 series public displays offer the highly attractive possibility of replacing bulky posters and printed signboards with the flexibility of a digital solution. Requiring only a few steps, NEC’s easy-to-use digital signage software allows users to discover for themselves and take full advantage of the powerful possibilities offered by the standard public displays of the NEC MultiSync ® 15 series.

The NEC digital signage software is available for download from now at and can be used in combination with the public displays of the NEC MultiSync ® 15 series.

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