Sharp 8M-B120C

LCD 120" 8K Professional Display

Haze Level Standard
Operating Hours 16/7
Brightness [cd/m²] 1000
Resolution 7680 x 4320
Order Code 60005544
RB Laser

Price on infomail _at_ sharpnec-displays _dot_ eu


Life-size images. Life-like quality. Making a real difference.

Showcase products and highlight every little detail like never before.The 120” 8M-B120C is the largest Sharp 8K UV²A LCD electronic display for professional use. At the very leading edge of the pro-display market, it allows commercial, manufacturing, financial, media, medical and government organisations to deliver the ultimate in image precision and clarity.

It produces beautiful, largescale images with a stunning 8K resolution, setting a new benchmark for image quality, while also ensuring that fine text is precise and legible. Images are displayed large enough to accommodate big objects, up to 265cm wide, making it possible to showcase things like a life-size, striking new motorcycle model in lifelike 8K resolution with HDR (HLG/PG) expanded contrast and colour.


  • See everything much more clearer – with its huge 4 m² LCD panel the 8M-B120C can display the equivalent of 4x 60” 4K or 16x 30” Full-HD images on a single display.
  • A more immersive experience – with 600 cd/m² brightness (or up to 1000 cd/m² Peak Level) and HDR (High Dynamic Range technology) colours look incredibly realistic.
  • Easy connection – always pure 8K content via a single 8K HDMI cable.
  • High performance, low cost – fewer displays are required to show same amount of content without sacrificing image quality.
  • Designed to perform – compatible with the Daniel2 code for 8K.

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