Wireless Image Utility

WIU (Wireless Image Utility) can send images wirelessly from your iOS and Android mobilde devices and touch pads. It is a FREE Download from the iTunes Store and for a small fee available on Google Play.

Key Benefits of WIU in combination with a touch pad or smartphone are:

1. Wireless transfer of files stored on the touch pad and in email attachments to the projector


2. Wireless transfer to the projector of web pages viewed on the touch pad 


3. Real-time transfer from a touch pad's camera to the projector


4. Cloud files can be projected in combination with file-sharing


5. Moving the pointer on the projection screen with the smartphone


Further Benefits:

  • Unique Document Camera Function
  • Projector detection in same network
  • Basic Projector Control
  • Extended picture viewer with annotation
  • Office viewer with annotation supporting following formats:  
    PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, Bitmap,PowerPoint , Word, Excel (MS-Office), Keynote, Numbers (iWorks)

For information on supported NEC projector series, supported iOS and Android releases and supported devices please go to: http://www.nec-display.com/dl/en/pj_ios/wiu_for-ios.html


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