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City, University of London

A bright welcome in a dazzling, modern environment

Glass is the perfect material with which to create a state of the art infrastructure which oozes innovation and a leading edge outlook. Whilst bright sunlight is energising and motivating, it does pose some challenges for digital visualisation. City, University of London uses NEC High Bright signage and laser projection to deliver perfect readability whilst enjoying an uplifting environment steeped in natural light.

City, University of London’s estate is a valuable asset in the heart of London. In the coming years it will respond to a combination of legacy issues, such as loss of leased premises and a lack of student amenity provided, against a context of rising expectations. City’s student population is set to grow along with academic aspirations and a need to offer a student experience in line with competing higher education institut.

The Challenge

In an ongoing strategy to meet City’s needs for the future, a number of projects have been initiated with the aim of providing high quality academic space and creating a sense of community and place. One such project is the creation of a new main entrance complex to improve circulation and expand student facilities at the Northampton Square main campus.

The main entrance and lecture theatre project began in summer 2015. Work involved the remodelling, refurbishment and extension of the ground floor and level 1 of the University Building, and the introduction of a new 240-seat lecture theatre. The primary objectives of the main entrance project were to improve the entrance experience, functionality and visual appearance of the institution, to enhance access and circulation, and to provide a space to meet and share ideas.

CityUniversityLondonDetail1The NEC Solution

The Pavilion is a brand new glass wall space which links the new entrance to the lower ground classrooms. Used for events, exhibitions and for students to relax and socialise, two NEC High Bright X754HB displays a located here screening television and other streamed content. With Direct LED backlights and a high brightness level of 2,500 cd/m², NEC’s new HB displays are designed to deliver perfect readability even in the brightest environments.

The glass structure of the Pavilion space has greatly improved the entrance area with a more modern appearance, however, the inevitable issues of bright ambient light does have its challenges! The new NEC HB displays have a much higher brightness compared to standard displays and content is perfectly readable even when we are blessed with bright sunlight,’ says Ricci Fothergill, media systems developer at City University London.

The reception desk in the entrance area has 5 x X401S screens wall mounted behind it, driven by a 4K OneLan player with two Datapath video wall processors. ‘Mounted in a long landscape configuration, the video wall behind reception really helps to create an ambience in the entrance space, we can be very creative with the content.’

There is also a 42” NEC V422 screen in the café area which is located within the new entrance space.

In the brand new 240-seat lecture theatre which is directly accessible from the main entrance, 3 x PX602UL NEC laser projectors are ceiling mounted projecting content in three directions. With advanced network, multi-media and professional installation features, the PX602UL provides superior projection performance at 6,000 ANSI lumen brightness for a superb visual experience even in brightly lit environments.

The lecture space is well lit with natural light but the laser projection really is very impressive with rich colours and high resolution imagery. By projecting onto three sides of the lecture space, wherever the students are in the tiered seating they have a clear view of the teaching material,’ explains Ricci. ‘Since the projectors are installed high up, with laser technology, we don’t need to worry about access for maintenance since they don’t need lamp or filter replacements.’

CityUniversityLondonDetail2The Result

City, University of London’s Vision & Strategy 2026 sets out its plans for the future stating ‘we must enhance student life and student satisfaction through relevant curricula, stimulating learning environments and the use of cutting‐edge educational technologies.’

By redeveloping our main entrance we are improving the university’s position within its surroundings and making the best use of our spaces. The Pavilion development has fulfilled our vision and is a major step toward fitting our needs for the future,’ says Ricci. ‘We have worked with both Reflex and NEC across many of our AV projects knowing that they will provide excellent advice and support for our in-house team.’