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Delhaize Supermarkets

Visual technology supports branding renewal

As we go about our daily lives we are increasingly reliant on technology to provide instant information to help us to make better, more informed choices. Delhaize demonstrates the high value it places on its customers and staff by delivering a shopping experience enhanced by NEC visual display technology.

Founded in 1867, Delhaize has since grown to become one of the big three supermarket chains in Belgium. Delhaize Belgium is part of the Ahold-Delhaize Group that has a worldwide sales network of well over 3,000 stores with supermarkets representing 85% of its portfolio.

The Challenge

In April 2014, Delhaize unveiled the first in a new generation of stores, drawing on its legacy of strength to revitalize its customer offering. The grocery sector is highly competitive with a number of established brands plus low cost offerings all vying to attract the attention of the public. Delhaize saw an opportunity to demonstrate its core values with a customer first approach which would greatly enhance the shopping experience. The new concept places the supermarket’s customers at the very heart of all its activities with a pleasant shopping environment adapted to better suit their needs and budgets.

Since the opening of its first concept store, Delhaize has adopted an evolutionary strategy to continuously evaluate the success of its operations and maintain constant dialogue with its staff and customers to ensure it continues to deliver a service that perfectly reflects the intrinsic values of its founders.

DelhaizeDetail1The NEC Solution

Technology has played an essential role in delivering an aspirational shopping experience, for which Delhaize partnered with Wincor-Nixdorf to implement the successful installation and subsequent rollout of digital equipment across its entire supermarket network.

Digital signage is a fundamental element of the company’s integrated marketing communications strategy, with branded inspirational imagery used across a number of advertising mediums including some traditional paper based messaging.

Jim Gautier, Concept Manager for Delhaize Supermarkets explains: ‘Dynamic communications deliver a story telling message to highlight the advantages of certain products, helping to inspire customers and inform them of lifestyle benefits in an exciting and more personalized way. By using animated content we can bring more personality to our brand which helps our customers to feel an affiliation with us, it’s one way to make them feel more valued.’

A range of NEC large format displays are located throughout each store. At the checkouts, NEC 70” P Series displays deliver life size high bright content mounted from the ceiling to provide highly visible messaging even where natural light floods the entrance to the store. In specialist departments including the butchers and in the Wine World, NEC V Series displays provide point of sale information. Here, Delhaize customers are informed about the origins of the products, the suppliers’ ethics, plus they are made aware of promotional deals and offered inspiration for meals and entertaining. More NEC V Series displays are integrated into columns and located throughout the store whilst smaller 23” NEC touch displays provide customer interaction at loyalty points. Further supporting the digital concept, WIFI is free throughout the store enabling customers to access information via their smartphones.

We have used NEC throughout the project simply because the reliability and quality of the product is unrivalled’ says Rolf Vanden Eynde, Manager Infrastructure Engineering at Delhaize. ‘We are asking a lot from the technology and we needed a reliable commercial solution which will deliver 24/7 performance over a long life time. NEC builds for quality and the metal casing ensures excellent robustness and its thermal control ensures best operation even where the displays are integrated into housings.’

To enable its customers to make the most of its wide and varied assortment of products, Delhaize has a complex promotional plan and prices are constantly adapted, but this can easily be supported through its digital estate. Content is managed centrally with promotions changing weekly which ensures a low cost method of updating messages both timely and efficiently across its entire network of stores, a process which would be unthinkable with paper posters.

Digital displays are becoming more and more prevalent in a retail customer facing role, but they are equally efficient at improving the experience of internal stakeholders for staff communications for instance. Delhaize has recently completed a roll out of 200 x 42” NEC displays providing engagement and motivation via digital posters within its staff canteen areas.

DelhaizeDetail2The Result

A market renowned for its fresh produce, Delhaize is also offering fresh ideas and a revitalised experience for its customers.

Buying well and eating well is our core offering to our customers which is reflected across all our operations and our digital messaging really brings this to life. We have had an excellent response from both our staff and our customers who feel more motivated and energised by the bright new signage’ says Jim Gautier. ‘We will continue to monitor the effect of our digital concepts to ensure we are meeting the needs and aspirations of our customers. Meanwhile we continue to revitalize our offering across our wider network of outlets.’