NEC Display Solutions Client Installation LCD SpectraView®

Studio Mac Mahon


”NEC Display Solutions offers a high-performance, comprehensive solution while always being ahead of time on the technological level! “ Patrick GUIS, professional photographer.


The Studio Mac Mahon is a professional studio rental based in Paris, in the neighbourhood of the Etoile. It is a key location for photographic creativity. Purchased in the 1960s by Daniel Filipacchi, it was among other things the legendary studio of “Salut les copains” which was visited by all the great stars of the rock ‘n’ roll era including Johnny Halliday, Sylvie Vartan, Jacques Dutronc, Claude François, Sheila and Françoise Hardy.


A few years later the studio became a “luxury studio” for customers and prestigious brands such as Shiseido, Dior and L’Oréal.

Patrick GUIS, a professional photographer, is a man of passion. In 2004, driven by his experience and his love of photography, he bought together with his wife, Isabelle, one of the oldest photography studios rental in Paris: the Studio Mac Mahon.

His objective: ensure that his studio best meets the expectations and demands of his customers, whether for fashion, communication, press, advertising, video or the Internet.

In order to do this, Patrick GUIS quickly realised that the only way to keep them happy in the long term was to have them take advantage of the very best equipment! With regard to consulting, lighting, cameras and monitors, the studio benefits from the most recent advanced technology.

This is the reason why he chose in particular to turn to NEC Display Solutions.


The demands weighing on professionals have evolved considerably in the past few years. The world of photography and that of video have both mutated and converged in the same direction. Today it is rare to find companies that rely only on one or the other.


Professionals must check their pictures in real time and be able to trust 100 % in the colour fidelity during picture processing operations. When it comes to colour processing treatment the key element is none other than the monitor.

When Patrick GUIS had to renew his monitors, he had in mind some very specific selection criteria: ergonomics, calibration, reliability and durability.

After making some enquiries, Patrick GUIS ended up meeting the head of the NEC SpectraView® product range, Ahcène TIRANE, who offered him the opportunity to carry out a test on a product in actual conditions for a significant period of time. Without hesitation, his choice fell upon the NEC SpectraView® Reference product range: models which work with a billion colours and which in his words: “in this professional range are affordable and represent the best products on the market”.

This equipment requires an investment of €18,000 every 3 years to equip the 3 photo sets. Therefore for its owner, it is a question of making a “tactical choice, a choice for the future”.

Today, the Studio Mac Mahon is equipped with several top quality LCD colour monitors from NEC Display Solutions: • NEC SpectraView® Reference 241, 24 inches • NEC SpectraView® Reference 271, 27 inches • NEC SpectraView® Reference 301, 30 inches

High quality monitors with a wide colour gamut and a 10-bit P-IPS panel dedicated to colour-intensive applications, with outstanding features and advantages for a better quality picture and maximum colour accuracy, as well as for excellent ergonomic and economic usage. These features allow automatic adjustment of brightness, contrast, shades of darkness, LED power supply (colour and brightness), and AmbiBright function. The monitors also provide colour uniformity and colour accuracy thanks to a wide colour gamut and calibration equipment, not to forget their easy-to-use SpectraView® Profiler v5software.

The NEC SpectraView® Reference 241, Reference 271 and Reference 301 screens are guaranteed for 3 years (backlighting included) and also come with the zero defective pixels guarantee for up to 6 months after the date of purchase.

These models are perfectly adapted to the needs of all creators, designers and photographers with their precision engineering, and for anyone who is uncompromising when it comes to the quality of visual reproduction.


A 46 inch public display NEC MultiSync® V461 intended for commercial use or in meetings, without continuous operation. The NEC MultiSync® V461 is one of the best products in its category, entry level segment, with an S-PVA panel, 1920 x 1080 resolution, LAN connectivity, optional loudspeakers, an optional STv1 slot, which allows the integration of expansion boards like an embedded PC, and a CAT5 receiver. It has an excellent price / quality ratio, and fits perfectly into meeting rooms and reception areas, as well as into all other installations which do not require constant use. This model is guaranteed for 3 years (backlighting included).


Photographers and artistic directors, or even known companies, select a photographic studio according to its equipment. Therefore it is indispensable for the Studio Mac Mahon to benefit from the latest advances in terms of material. And it is a choice that pays off!

The professionals who come for photoshootings to the Studio Mac Mahon, all agree on the unquestionable quality of these products, in particular their very ergonomic calibration system (calibration software SpectraView® Profiler v5 for Mac & PC).

For the manufacturer NEC, perfect ergonomics is not simply a superior quality picture which helps improve productivity and accuracy, it is also the commitment aimed at optimising the comfort of the user while at work. Thus the user has at his disposal a work environment which is proactive, pleasing and consequently more productive.

Reliability is also a criterion not to be neglected, so that the customer may benefit from the same picture quality in the long term. “In our business we buy time!” Patrick GUIS likes to say. For applications that are demanding in terms of colour, a homogeneous distribution of brightness and colours on the complete surface of the screen is a fundamental requirement. It is therefore necessary to choose monitors possessing the most reliable and consistent calibration system possible, “this is the case with screens in the SpectraView® range which reproduce all colours with the greatest fidelity”.

The SpectraView® range from NEC Display Solutions combines the highest standards in terms of technology, colours and LCD panel material, designed to respond to the demands and needs of professionals working with colours and pre-press printouts. In terms of colorimetry, the NEC SpectraView® range “plays in the big league and more importantly is the only one to shake up the world of high-class professional monitors” the studio owner remarks.



The partnership which ties the Studio Mac Mahon and NEC Display Solutions dates back to 2005. It is based on a relationship of quality and trust. Moreover Patrick GUIS stresses the professionalism of the manufacturer’s commercial team which he considers to be “a team that listens, and is attentive, accessible and responsible”.

Apart from these criteria, Patrick GUIS’s choice of equipment for the Studio fell on NEC Display Solutions as it is, according to him “the only brand capable of positioning itself today globally, with NEC SpectraView® colour monitors and large scale screens intended for dynamic signage”.

Furthermore, with the arrival of SMART TV Patrick GUIS is firmly convinced that the worlds of television and video will interact more and more in the next few years, a huge market, which should create opportunities for manufacturers of large scale screens for dynamic display.

For his part, the head of colorimetry at NEC Display Solutions in France, Ahcène TIRANE, states: “For many years NEC Display Solutions has been designing monitors aimed at professionals. By creating the NEC Spectraview® Reference range, the expertise and know-how of NEC Display Solutions have come up with products capable of reproducing colours with a very high degree of accuracy.


“NEC Spectraview® Reference is a range of professional screens intended for the most demanding users such as the Studio Mac Mahon.

NEC Display Solutions is convinced that professionals, who have at their disposal a tool which enhances their workflow, will be able to provide their best creative output”.

Broadly converted to the manufacturer’s philosophy since the beginning of their collaboration, Patrick GUIS wished to conclude as follows: “NEC Display Solutions offers a high-performance, comprehensive solution while always being ahead of time on the technological level! “