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Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel

Hospital-wide medical display solutions at work!

Hospital-wide digitalisation is seeing all departments embrace the technology which will improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase diagnostic confidence. Delivering superior image quality and state of the art display solutions across its entire estate, UZ Brussel trusts NEC Display Solutions to fulfil its visual display requirements.

Located in the heart of Europe, the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel combines the best of patient treatment and care in a wide variety of medical specialties, in combination with educating the next generation of medical specialists and conducting scientific research. With its 700 beds, each year UZ Brussel admits more than 25,000 patients and treats 400,000 outpatients. The hospital’s clinical excellence, scientific commitment and human-centric tuition ensure the highest degree of competence in many fields. As a top-rated hospital, UZ Brussels has gained recognition at national and international level.

The Challenge

UZ Brussel exemplifies the heavy demands a modern hospital has to fulfill. All hospital departments require visual interfaces to carry out different applications and each and every one demands the highest reliability. From hospital information and signage installations welcoming the patients in the entrance area and guiding them securely through the building; to specific applications needing diagnostic displays for Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Surgery and others. From Administration and Back Office applications to Conferencing and Training room equipment; only a hardware-agnostic brand like NEC can provide the right performance display solution for each and every application.

“The Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel has a satisfactory partnership with NEC Display Solutions and we appreciate their cross departmental medical display solutions and service, starting in the radiology department but wide spread throughout the hospital, states Mr. Filip Verhelle, responsible for Radiology Informatics at UZ Brussel.

The NEC Solution

MD Series Diagnostic Displays

The NEC MD211G5 responds to the demand for higher performance in digital mammography, by offering a new generation of 5MP IPS LCD technology with long-lifetime LED backlight, resulting in high luminance and contrast ratio for unequaled image quality. When details are of vital importance, the high contrast ratio of 1200:1 brings out the subtle differences in adjacent shades of gray and provides crisper images. 1024 (10-Bit) simultaneous shades of gray, out of a Look-Up Table of 12.277 (13.5-Bit), ensures best-in-class image quality for women’s health. Taking into account the advanced feature set, including front sensor, Digital Uniformity Control (DUC) function and a new special Anti-Reflection (AR) coating technology, the NEC MD211G5 display brings unrivaled image precision and the highest degree of diagnostic confidence. The NEC MD211G5 display passed the type test of the Flemish agency Zorg en Gezondheid ( for equipment to be used in breast cancer screening.

UniZiekenhuisDetail4Nuclear Medicine
With size and resolution being the game changers in medical imaging displays, the Nuclear Medicine department benefits greatly from the 31.5” NEC MD322C8 diagnostic monitors with 8MP (Ultra HD) resolution. The 10-Bit wide colour gamut brings crisp color reproduction for Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) during Positron Emission Tomography (PET) examinations. The LED backlight system of the NEC MD series is mercury free and results in less energy consumption. The unique built-in OPS Option Slot allows easy upgrade capability for supporting HD-SDI and 3G-SDI signal sources. The GammaCompMD QA client and network administration software enables easy DICOM calibration, technical display maintenance and quality assurance routines (according to the international standards AAPM Task Group 18, ACR, IEC 62563-1:2009 and DIN 6868157), ensuring accurate performance over the entire lifetime of the display.

Large Format Displays Solutions

The touch screen functionality of the NEC MultiSync V652-TM large format display solution installed in one of the smaller conference rooms offers an additional state of the art way of presenting and discussing PACS studies. The 65“ TM-Series touch display with LED backlight offers a Full HD resolution and optical imaging touch technology with up to 5 touch points. An Intel Core i7 Slot-in PC STv2, following the industry wide “Open Pluggable Specification” (OPS) initiated by Intel and NEC is integrated in the OPS option slot to provide a comprehensive solution, eliminating the need for a separate bulky workstation. The DICOM preset or calibration functions on both NEC Value (V) and Professional (P) large format series ensures unequaled medical image quality for clinical review during multidisciplinary staff meetings.

Wayfinding entrance hall
On a daily basis, UZ Brussel is visited by hundreds or sometimes even thousands of people. Three NEC 65” large format directional signage displays form the basis of a wayfinding solution to assist outpatients who may need some assistance finding a medical department or for visitors finding their loved ones’ room.

NEC Display Solutions offers a wide variety of Entry-Level (E series), Value (V series), Professional (P series) and specialty large format displays in Full HD and UHD resolutions with sizes ranging from 32” to 98”. A wide variety of interchangeable Slot-In option products based on OPS (“Open pluggable Specification”), as well as protection glass and touch integration allow tailor-made solutions that are perfectly matched to individual demands.

Projector Solutions

With a 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) native resolution and 10000:1 contrast, the M402H delivers perfect clinical image quality for very detailed content. With highly efficient and innovative ECO features, a sealed DLP light engine, long lamp life and low power consumption, this projector is virtually maintenance free and offers an impressively low cost of ownership without compromising on quality and flexibility. The DICOM preset in the projector OSD menu and the excellent price performance ratio makes the M402H especially suitable for mid-sized meeting rooms.

The Result

With state-of-the art display solutions from NEC, Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel can foster both patient confidence and cost efficiency.

For diagnostics, the displays enable physicians to make faster, more accurate decisions to improve patient outcomes, whilst large format signage displays help to improve the visitor experience with easy to access information and wayfinding. Each hospital-wide application can be matched with an NEC display to ensure productivity and efficiency in all areas of operation helping to contribute to the good reputation of the clinic. Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel chose a trusted brand of displays which would help to enhance their own brand reputation. By partnering with NEC, our professional range of displays is the perfect choice to future-proof the clinic, with a single point of contact for maintenance and service.