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weShop - the store of the future

Combining ecommerce with a physical shopping experience

As traditional high street retailers are increasingly under threat from cheaper and potentially more convenient on-line shopping channels, a new concept known as the weShop seeks to combine the benefits of ecommerce with an enhanced physical shopping experience, generating an emotional engagement and personalised retail experience. NEC, as technology partner, provides the large format POS display interface in this innovative shopping concept.

The Challenge

Internet shopping has been on the rise for years: According to predictions by the Institute for Economic Research (IFH) in Cologne, eCommerce turnover in Germany will rise to around 40 billion Euros in 2014. Traditional physical shops are being put under increased pressure by the competition presented by the often cheaper online outlets. Retailers are being forced to reconsider their traditional business model and to find ways to enhance the shopping experience. With the weShop, NEC Display Solutions, as a technology partner working together with CANCOM, Serviceplan and the Vitrashop Group, is demonstrating the options available to physical traders at the point of sale. The shop, which spans some 50 square metres in the Haus der Kommunikation in Munich, combines the real and virtual worlds in a truly innovative way.

Combining digital technology with classic shop design

Traditional shops cannot fend off online competition by just creating an online store without a concept. Instead, these businesses need to change their business model to incorporate an intelligent integration of the online and the offline. This is precisely where the weShop concept comes into play. The benefits of digital elements are combined with a physical store within the intelligent shop floor. Customers can decide how they want to shop: A selection of products – the core range – is on display, while a larger online range can be accessed in parallel and is available for direct order. Tablet devices, which are displayed on shelves throughout the store, display product availability and also point to alternative options and matching accessories. Customers can use their smartphones to scan both the product label and the QR code from the tablet, which allows them to continue shopping on their mobiles, amongst other features.

The NEC Solution

Visual elements for an emotional shopping experience

In order to present the complete online range in a suitable manner within the shop, large displays are used, such as the premium model of the V Series from NEC - the MultiSync® V801. The monitors allow products to be presented in life-size, in all of the available variants. In addition, touchscreens are integrated into the shop to provide customers with further ways to interact.

Proven hardware for the points of sale of tomorrow

The weShop incorporates a whole range of innovative technical solutions: From Beacon technology, which addresses customers individually, to goods recognition using radio frequency identification (RFID). A retail signage solution is also installed in the shop of the future. When it comes to the displays, the project partners have put their trust in the quality and many years of experience of NEC. The solution incorporates large-format displays like the MultiSync V801; the super-thin models MultiSync X462S and X552S; and the flexible E232WMT touch monitor. The touch display is integrated into the customer service desk in the centre of the shop. RFID technology is used to identify which products the customer places on the desk. Additional information about alternative products, available sizes and matching accessories can then be called up on the screen. Clicking on the “Checkout” button allows customers to pay for the goods directly. A range of payment options are available, including mobile payment, payment by credit card or payment via a store card (debiting the customer account). In addition to the displays, the weShop also includes media players from NEC, which can be combined with all sizes of monitors. These components, which include the OPS Digital Signage Player, complete the installation and round off a retail signage solution from one source.


The Result

Displays are now a key part of retail. They provide customers with information, deliver entertainment, and support retailers in communicating products and prices. In addition, consumers can be addressed in a targeted manner within shops, and can be shown personalised offers in the shop window too. At the same time, they can be used to identify empty and well-visited areas of the shop, and to record them in a targeted way. These principles are also applied in the weShop. The result is an emotional shopping experience that binds customers and increases potential sales.

“The weShop demonstrates under laboratory conditions what is currently possible in physical stores. However, the innovative technology is not the only part of this concept: Partners from the world of marketing, shop construction and technology have provided their expertise. This coming together of companies from different disciplines provides shop operators with a holistic approach and makes the project truly special”, believes Joachim Fischer, Manager of Corporate Sales for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at NEC Display Solutions.