NEC Freestand Totem - Basic

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NEC Freestand Totem - Basic - Flexible Indoor Signage for airy environments

With so many options open to you, the NEC Freestand Indoor Totem offers the flexibility to create an experience for your audience whilst meeting your business needs.

In terms of design you can choose from three different surface options:
Non Glass, Anti-Glare Acrylic Glass or Touch - compatible with any NEC touch display

The unit is sealed for security but can be accessed easily should manintenance be required or if future applications demand upgraded performance levels.

This Basic two leg option offers a lighter, free-flow form for more airy environments.

Compatible for screen sizes from 40" to 55" the totem is designed for indoor signage where audience eyeballs are in fairly close proximity.


  • Three surface options - for ultimate flexibility
  • Four standard colour options - available with short lead-time or 20 special colour options for customisation
  • Airy design
  • Quick and easy access to the display - for upgrades or maintentance

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