ShadowSense Touch Pen and Eraser Kit

Pen and Eraser Kit for ShadowSense Touch Displays.

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Leave Your Mark

The NEC ShadowSense™ Pen and Eraser Kit is custom-engineered to provide you with the closest feeling to writing on paper, yet with no batteries or electronics to worry about.

The kit combines the performance benefits of an active stylus with the simplicity of a passive system. Integrated magnets in both, the pen and eraser, allow for easy mounting on your NEC ShadowSense Touch display and helps you keep your meeting room clean and clutter-free.


  • The kit works seamlessly with ShadowSense Touch technology and offers a paper-like intuitive writing experience.
  • The precision pen  instantly eliminates unintentional connection strokes, whilst the precisiion eraser eliminates accidental erasing.
  • Benefit from automatic recognition of interactions whether touch gestures, pen writing or easing.
  • With native Windows Ink support for ShadowSense Touch technology, functionality can be used with PowerPoint, OneNote and many more.

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