How to maximise the ROI of your control room system

Your new control room system meets core operational requirements and is projected to achieve a healthy ROI based on your NEC visual displays and Hiperwall control software thanks to its low TCO. You’re all set . . .

Did you know that your video wall can do so much more for you and your stakeholders?

Sharp/NEC’s control room specialist, Stephen Wair, offers his insight into how to maximise the ROI of your control room system.


Crisis Management

Most days tick along nicely; your Control Room Operational Procedures (CONOPS) define data availability and the necessary actions to ensure smooth operation and productive outcomes. But what happens in those extreme circumstances? Whilst we can expect them, they are difficult to plan for, and just as difficult to train for.

From terrorist attacks to pandemics, fake news to viral rumours; risk is many and varied but we have to expect it in one form or another, at some time or another. An event such as this may impact your product or delivery of your product, it could put your assets at risk, or it may impact your brand reputation. The way you respond will determine the outcome, where timely, informed decision-making is critical.

Whilst it is impossible to anticipate the full nature of the risk, it is possible to mitigate the risk with as much preparation as is possible, and this is where your NEC video wall, driven by Hiperwall, can bring additional benefits.

Disaster Recovery


Small incidents could be managed locally either on the user’s desktop display/s or by transferring a group of sources to the incident management room displays; easily and quickly done using Hiperwall, an IP-based controller.

Many organisations have plans in place should it be necessary to evacuate their facility in case of major incidents; although few have control rooms ready and waiting at remote, or separate sites allowing them to maintain uninterrupted operation.

A significant advantage of a network-based video wall controller such as Hiperwall is that a second video wall or multiple other output displays can be added to the system and be ready for use instantly, at any location. 24/7 control and monitoring is maintained with only minimal disruption, whilst your stakeholders may be blissfully unaware of your need to relocate.

Media Exposure

In our fast-paced world, every second counts. Social media can have a positive influence but it can also pose serious risk to big brands. If undetected, harmful digital communications can quickly drive down your reputation leaving a lasting legacy. A speedy response is needed to mitigate the impact and manage recovery.


For organisations with direct exposure or contact with the general public, quick identification and response could anticipate potential issues such as supply outages, or poor customer experiences. As people inevitably turn to social platforms to determine if their problem is being experienced by others, the well-informed control room operator identifies an area of concern even before your technical teams.

There are many social media monitoring tools available which will provide the appropriate level of outreach to gain vital early intelligence. Global media sources can be constantly monitored to track search terms such as your brand or product name; alongside sentiment, emotions, demographics, and unusual activity which can be analysed in real-time to detect a potential emerging crisis and alert operator teams for an immediate response.

Hiperwall provides the unlimited flexibility to manage multiple and numerous sources helping to get an instant view of your media exposure to steer you through a crisis.


Asset Tracking

For an organisation with a large fleet of vehicles, asset tracking will help keep a constant trace on their location. By linking data such customer demands, the weather and road closures, the organisation can make more efficient use of assets and improve customer service.

The more information sources made available to the control room operator the better, easily visualised on the digital surface and instantly streamed thanks to the flexibility provided by the IP-based Hiperwall software.


Staff Safety

By far your most important asset is your staff. Whilst on site or off duty, tracking is not needed nor desirable, but there may be circumstances where tracking their position via their mobile phone, or other GPS device is beneficial. Should a terror attack take place, social media sources alert the control room and staff can be immediately located and steered away from danger.

Where solo personnel are visiting potentially dangerous environments, the control room can activate local camera networks or body cameras to track the member of staff until they have completed the task and moved away from potential risk.


The ability to link multiple and varied sources including CCTV, mapping information, media intelligence, and location data allows faster interpretation of events leading to swift and more accurate decision making.

All this capability linked to your new video wall means your system is available to many user levels and disciplines, further strengthening its ROI.

To learn how we at Sharp NEC Display Solutions can help you on that design journey, please do not hesitate to contact us, we can offer guidance on hardware, software, and room organisation.

Software: Hiperwall 

Powering videowall and distributed visualisation systems with flexibility, scalability and user-centred simplicity, Hiperwall introduces many compelling new enhancements.

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Case Study: Motorway Traffic Control Centre, Dublin

Operational 24/7, the Motorway Traffic Control Centre receives multiple live data feeds from Dublin’s road and tunnel network. A vast 15-metre long NEC video wall provides operators with instant access to information as they maintain safe and efficient traffic management.

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Brochure: Critical visualisation in the Control Room

As process control and monitoring as well as command and control become increasingly more complex and multi-faceted, the function of the control room is to maintain awareness and seamless user efficiency. Instant situational awareness is paramount in facilitating informed decisions in the shortest possible time.

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