Service Plus

Sharp/NEC have built a world-renowned reputation developing Display Solutions that offer the ultimate in quality, performance and longevity. Sharp/NEC Service Plus takes that philosophy further for the entire sales cycle from pre-sales through to the replacement phase. Our customers can concentrate on their business activities, confident that their IT infrastructure is underwritten by the Service Plus promise.

Service Plus

Warranty Extension

Warranty Extension

Sharp/NEC have tailored the warranties to best match the demands of the applications. Most Sharp/NEC solutions are available with standard and or additional warranties including extended or specific warranties dedicated to the education market or long term Digital Cinema extended warranties.

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Value Added Services

Value Added Services

We aim to take the pain out of installation, commissioning and running issues with hands-on support each step of the way. Our customers can currently take advantage of an extensive range of services including a de-/re-install service, and Sharp/NEC aim to further develop our customer focused service solutions in line with customer requirements.

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Warranty Extension for NEC Laser Projectors

Extensión de Garantía opcional (4to a 5to año) para los proyectores láser de Sharp/NEC

Warranty Extension for NEC Direct View LED

Extensión de garantía (3er año, 3er a 4to año y 3er a 5to año) para los módulos Direct View LED y las opciones de Sharp/NEC (distribuidor de vídeo LED, procesador de vídeo, paquete de sensor de luz ambiental)

De-/Re-install Service for NEC Large Format Displays

Optional De-/Re-install Service (1st to 3rd year or 1st to 5th year) for dedicated Sharp/NEC 32" to 98" Large Format Displays

Warranty Extension for NEC Large Format Displays

Extensión de la Garantía opcional (4 to 5 año) para los monitores de formato grande de Sharp/NEC y para soluciones de cómputo.

24/7 Usage for NEC Desktop Displays

Optional 24/7 Usage (1st to 3rd year) for dedicated Sharp/NEC Desktop Displays

Warranty Extension for NEC Desktop Displays

Extensión de la garantía opcional (4 to 5 año) para los monitores para empresas y profesionales di Sharp/NEC

De-/Re-install Service for NEC Projectors

Optional De-/Re-install Service for dedicated Sharp/NEC Projectors

Warranty Extension for Projector Lamps

Extensión de Grantía opcional  (1ro a 3er año) para las lámparas de proyector

Warranty Extension for NEC Projectors

Extensión de Garantía opcional (4to a 5to año) para los proyectores para los negocios, profesionales y de instalacíon de Sharp/NEC

24/7 Usage for NEC Projectors

Optional 24/7 Usage for dedicated Sharp/NEC PX and PH Series Projectors.