NEC Display Solutions Customer Installation Education

Parthenope University in Naples

A new way of learning

The Parthenope University (Naples) was founded in 1919 as a Superior Center of Culture, it subsequently became a University in 1933. Located within 4 districts across the city of Naples, the University comprises around 16,000 students, 320 teaching staff and 250 technical admin staff. benefited from the development of knowledge through innovative, international and multidisciplinary research.

The pervasive use of technology in the education sector saw the University embark on a campus-wide program to update its classroom facilities, harnessing the latest technology to support the teaching and learning process.

The challenge

The ‘multimedia classroom’ project is designed to cater for four ‘standard’ sized classrooms in use across campus: 24 seats, 44 seats, 132 seats and over 250 seats. Common across all teaching spaces is the desire to employ a single system controlled via the teachers’ desk, managing both the output of multimedia content and the asynchronous sharing of learning materials.

The project included a technological update of the A/V system to include Full HD laser projectors, LFD displays, video cameras, microphones, speakers and multimedia units in order to integrate collaboration software and content sharing capability to allow students to connect via their personal devices.


The NEC Solution

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Italia supplied the University with NEC PA803UL (8,000 ANSI lumen) laser projectors featuring NEC NP41ZL motorised zoom lens; P525UL (5,200 ANSI lumen) laser projector with optical zoom, and the versatile ME382U (3,300 ANSI lumen) projectors.

The new laser technology makes it possible to deliver up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, guaranteeing excellent performance, reliability and a low cost of ownership (TCO). Advanced connectivity, such as HDBaseT and 2xHDMI with 3D support, guarantee the investment in the future.

In addition, 75” C751Q series and 55” E557Q series displays, together with the Display Note interactive tool and NEC patented “MultiPresenter” platform, creates an extremely versatile and intuitive learning environment, both for teachers and students.


All classrooms have been organized to present, view and share ideas and presentations across all major platforms and any connected device, such as iPad, Android tablets, smartphones and laptops.


More than 33 classrooms have been transformed into collaborative multimedia environments. The need for direct control of multiple devices required remote management capability, allowing the detection of anomalies and corresponding adjustments to be made without the need for local intervention by the University’s technical staff.

The choice of devices offering HDBaseT connectivity was crucial. Besides the tremendous advantages of stability over greater distances and easy wiring, this technology has helped in the renewal of technological equipment without involving structural changes to the classrooms.