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Flexible Workspace Design

Seamlessly integrating into the ever-changing office landscape, Sharp/NEC displays and interactive collaboration devices are the essential centrepiece in the hybrid working environment.

Sharp/NEC has partnered with Vitra to seamlessly blend technology with furniture to create functional, flexible workspaces for the modern office. Vitra’s radical ‘dancing walls’ workspace concept enables a constantly evolving office space solution where creativity flourishes.

Modular in design, the Dancing Wall is a mobile partition that can be used to flexibly divide offices into zones whilst also providing vertical workspace. It consists of a frame which can be equipped in various configurations such as a bookshelf, cloakroom, plant wall, whiteboard or pinboards. The design also allows for the integration of power cables and the seamless integration of Sharp/NEC display products such as the Microsoft Teams certified WD551.

Diverse combinations of different Dancing Walls can create countless office layouts and can be spontaneously adapted to changes in team size or room function by just one or two people.

Oliver Scott, associate director at Vitra UK talks about the partnership with Sharp/NEC in this video: