MultiProfiler Software

MultiProfiler is designed as a companion to NEC PA Series monitors providing complete control over the powerful technology in these models in an easy-to-use application.

NEC MultiSync PA Series monitors feature a custom-designed colour processor called the SpectraView Engine. This sophisticated processor, combined with internal luminance, temperature and time monitoring of the monitor, and individual characterization and calibration of each unit during production, results in an unparalleled level of colour control, accuracy and stability. The wide color gamut and high-contrast LCD panel used on the monitor, coupled with the SpectraView Engine, provide the utmost in versatility; from the ability to accurately emulate colour spaces such as Adobe RGB and sRGB, to performing printer output emulations using ICC Profiles and internal 3D Look Up Tables.


MultiProfiler Software provides a simple, intuitive interface to perform the following functions:

Picture Mode preset configuration

Multiple colour modes can be quickly configured and selected using MultiProfiler. Choose from the simplicity of built-in sRGB, Adobe RGB, DCI, DICOM, REC-BT709 and high brightness modes, or load a device ICC profile for colour matching a printer or even another monitor. A powerful Wizard interface helps guide you through creating and customizing different custom Picture Mode configurations, including controlling every aspect of the monitor such as the gamma characteristics, colour gamut, white point, and brightness

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) configuration

The powerful video processor in the MultiSync® PA Series allows two video signals to be viewed at once in a secondary PIP or Picture-by-Picture (PBP) window configuration. The picture of the secondary window can even be configured to display in a different colorspace, allowing functions like simultaneous viewing of printer emulations, or even human color vision deficiencies

DisplaySync Pro and USB hub configuration

The USB hub integrated into the MultiSync® PA Series can also be managed through MultiProfiler to function as a keyboard / video / mouse (KVM) switch. This feature allows the mapping of the two USB upstream ports to the various monitor inputs, which is useful for managing multiple computers attached to the unit.

Automatic generation of ICC / ColourSync profiles

MultiProfiler automatically generates and updates ICC profiles for the monitor as the colour modes are selected or adjusted. This activity, coupled with the internal stabilization and highly accurate characterization and calibration of each monitor during production, reduces the need for a profiling package to profile the monitor.

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