Direct View LED Solutions

NEC Quality, purpose-designed for the integrator and the user


Fine pitch dvLED displays bring bezel-free viewing experiences to indoor environments; up close or distant, the audience is treated to astonishingly vivid colours and superb clarity for the greatest impact. For presentation or digital signage applications; either free standing, wall mounted or for seamless integration into interiors, the highly versatile slim profile is sleek and seamless as befits the latest innovation in content delivery.

High quality components

Maintaining our much-valued reputation for superior quality products, NEC selects the highest quality industrial-grade components and adheres to manufacturing processes managed under stringent Japanese quality control.

NEC’s indoor LED solutions are engineered with innovative and patented SMD Multi-Color LEDs, for excellent image quality at low cost. NEC selects only the best batch of Multi-Color diodes which offer two key benefits: wider viewing angles and humidity proof operation.

Download here the LED whitepaper ‘ how all LED’s are NOT the same’:

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NEC utilises aluminium cabinets for its dvLED products where many other brands use plastic or polycarbonate. Precision machined aluminium is much more rigid and stable over time especially in changing heat environments ensuring perfect and consistent alignment between modules. Metal supports excellent heat dissipation, efficient against heat build-up for consistent temperature management, vital to extend the lifetime of the display. The metal cabinet means NEC achieves excellent results in fire safety and fire load testing, mandatory in public spaces.

Ease of integration

NEC’s bundled LED solutions are exceptionally easy to install. Everything needed for installation is supplied in the bundle including a wall bracket, power bar, frameset and LED processor.

Once the supporting brackets are correctly aligned it is a very simple process to mount the cabinets and apply the pixel cards.

The LED controller offers flexible signal inputs and facilitates a wide range of system architecture as well as adoption of legacy installations. Setup and configuration is easily managed either via browser, or NEC’s optional Mosaic Connect Box.

NEC’s LED solutions are installed by an accredited integrator trained to NEC quality standards with full-service support meaning the user is guaranteed the best possible experience.


Use our LED configurator tool to specify your NEC LED solution:

LED Configurator

Metal vs Plastic

NEC uses an all-metal framework in its LED solutions, avoiding the use of plastic for all structural parts of the chassis. Not only is this a positive choice for sustainability, it is also an imperative choice for safety and long-life reliability. 

Safety and Security

A metal chassis enables NEC to achieve excellent results in fire safety and fire load testing; this is mandatory in public spaces. No product comprising mainly plastic parts can claim this. Video wall products are considered cladding and must demonstrate fire-retardant properties. The fire load test measures a product’s reaction to fire including its contribution to the spread and intensity of flame and the release of smoke and burning droplets.

NEC’s metal chassis supports quality, safety & peace of mind, find out more:

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Precision and Reliability

With high thermal conductivity, the metal chassis aids efficient heat dissipation, quickly expelling the heat from inside the device. Reducing and managing heat build-up is vital to extending the lifetime of electronic components and ensuring consistent performance. Precision engineered, the aluminium chassis is rigid and stable over time, unlike polycarbonate which can expand when exposed to heat. NEC’s metal chassis ensures perfectly executed alignment of LED modules.

Display reliability is a major success factor in achieving a low operational cost and a low TCO overall. For many organisations, maintaining operational reliability is business-critical.


Read more in our whitepaper ‘Why is reliable display operation so fundamental to business success?’

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Sustainability and Recyclability

NEC is committed to developing innovative solutions that are sustainably produced, provide long lasting reliability, save energy and are highly recyclable. By choosing to avoid the use of plastic within the major components of its devices, NEC is contributing to reducing waste and protecting the planet. What’s more, by behaving responsibly and using resources more efficiently, businesses are also saving costs.


LED FE/FA Series

Bundled LED wall solutions

NEC Quality, purpose-designed for the integrator and the user

For high-quality large digital surfaces, only NEC delivers reliable, long-life LED walls backed by class-leading safety standards. Suitable even in the brightest environments, NEC’s indoor dvLED FE and FA Series provide a sustainable and high-quality solution to a market beset by questionable reliability.

Delivering excellent viewing angles, consistent vibrant colours, superb brightness and long-lasting performance up to an incredible 100,000 hours, NEC LED technology offers a compelling and cost-effective alternative for large format visualisation. Simply select your preferred size or pixel pitch and everything is included for easy deployment and fuss-free operation.

With a depth of just 5cm, entirely internalised cabling and front serviceable pixel cards, NEC’s FE/FA Series LED solutions are highly versatile. Precision machined aluminium cabinets deliver excellent rigidity to ensure consistent and precise module alignment. The metal chassis supports efficient heat dissipation and fire-retardancy, mandatory for use in public spaces.


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Sales flyer detailing NEC’s FE/FA bundle solutions:

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LED Q Series

Customisable visual brilliance


Versatile and scalable, the square 1:1 aspect ratio modules are light weight and just 70mm in depth, equipped with a sophisticated mechanical structure enabling quick and easy mounting to configure a precisely aligned homogeneous bespoke canvas.

The NEC Q Series indoor LED modules deliver uncompromising quality and exceptional visual brilliance for demanding applications in Transportation, Retail, Entertainment and Hospitality.

Using special black-face LED lamps, the Q Series achieves ultra-high contrast levels up to 7000:1 for exceptional readability even in the brightest spaces. The selection of professional-grade electronic components, high build quality and robust, heat resistant metal chassis, ensures reliable, consistent imaging quality over an extended life-time.

LED-Q028i2   LED-Q039i2

LED A Series Poster

Indoor LED all-in-one mobile signage


For mobile use and instant content update, the NEC A Series LED poster offers a highly versatile digital signage solution. Dynamic content can be updated as needed to provide wayfinding assistance or promotional signage in hotel lobbies, convention centres, shopping malls or transport terminals.

Designed for use in public spaces with a robust stand and cleanable protective screen, the A Series poster can be moved to wherever its needed or integrated into a housing.

The ideal replacement for static roll-up banners, this free-standing message board demands attention with vivid, high contrast content that shines out with high bright LED brilliance.

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Hand washing dynamic on NEC LED A Series poster