NEC MultiTouch table with object recognition

What is object recognition

Equipped with a special marker chip, any objects can be detected directly on the display and processed in real time.

The recognition of objects on large touch tables takes the familiar principle of barcodes, QR codes and RFID tags and takes it to a new level: For the user, the additional interaction with real, physical objects creates the experience of a new dimension.


Fields of application

Object recognition offers interactive experiences in retail, at trade fairs, events, in the showroom and at the point-of-information. Digital Signage becomes Interactive Signage. Enabling presentations of companies, brands, products and services to gain maximum attention from the user and from spectators.

Since MultiTouch tables are accessible from all sides, they are particularly suitable for interactive consulting situations. Customers and their advisors can use the multi-user-capable applications together - while standing or sitting at the table.

The object recognition table offers an impressive presentation platform in corporate meeting rooms.


The ability for multi-user interaction promotes productivity and creative teamwork. In museums and exhibitions, the combination of brilliant visualisation, MultiTouch interaction and object recognition creates a next-generation multimedia experience.

The hardware

The NEC object detection table delivers brilliant UHD (4K) resolution, precise touch recognition and cutting-edge object recognition for true multi-user interaction.

Modern 3M™ PCAP technology detects up to 80 simultaneous touch points and is characterised by exceptionally good touch sensitivity. The robust tempered glass surface is perfectly suited to withstand the demands of public use. It is scratch-resistant and thanks to its anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating, the devices can be used even in very bright environments.

The table is ideal for 24/7 continuous use. It features a high-performance multimedia PC with ninth-generation Intel processor and a powerful Nvidia 3D graphics card.


Software & Customisation

An intuitive AppSuite with various apps is already pre-installed on the integrated computing hardware. New applications and updates can be easily downloaded with a click via the connected AppStore. Each app can be customised using the intuitive content management functions of the app suite. You can integrate your own content and change designs in no time - without any programming!

The object recognition can also be used for your own and 3rd party software using the MORE-Engine. The MORE-Engine stands for "Multi Object Recognition" and enables the recognition and configuration of markers. The MORE-Engine makes the object data available for any software via TUIO, a widespread open-source protocol.


The package includes the use of the MORE-Engine for an unlimited time or with a 24-month licence for the use of any number of apps from the eyefactive AppStore.

Objects and markers

Various objects such as products, models or new controls can be easily used with the object recognition system by sticking a just 5mm marker underneath it.

The marker has smooth surfaces with a plain, black bottom and can be elegantly integrated under any object. The markers are maintenance-free and require neither batteries nor charging.


The surrounding area of the table can detect and process up to 25 objects simultaneously. The markers offer up to ten different different IDs/identifiers, which can be assigned to various software features or contents.

Feature overview:

  • High-resolution UHD/4K display for crystal clear visualisation
  • Object recognition merges the virtual and real worlds
  • 10 markers already included with the NEC object recognition table
  • Premium PCAP MultiTouch Sensor 3M™ with 80 touch points
  • Pre-installed apps, whose function & design can be easily customised. The scope of delivery includes a 24-month licence for all apps from the eyefactive AppStore.
  • Integrated, high-performance Windows Media Player with powerful Nvidia 3D graphics

Object Recognition / Detection for Multi Touch Screens, Tables & Walls

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