24/7 Usage for NEC Desktop Displays

Optional 24/7 Usage (1st to 3rd year) for dedicated NEC Commercial Enterprise and Professional Desktop Displays

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  • Service Type: Collect, Repair and Return
  • Usage: Max. brightness 70 %. Displays operating under 24/7 conditions (or more than 7.000 hours/year) are very likely to experience accelerated aging effects (e.g. image retention, brightness non-uniformity), which cause visible deterioration of image quality. Consequently NEC considers that displays, which are operated as 24/7 (or more than 7.000 hours/year), and which have visible image deterioration are nonetheless still offering an acceptable performance within the expected aging processes and will not be considered defective
  • Terms: The 24/7 Usage extension can be purchased within 3 months after product delivery
  • Limitation: 3 years. No additional warranty extension