NEC MultiSync® EA234WMi

LCD 23" Bureautique

Ajustement en hauteur [mm] 130
Luminosité [cd/m²] 250
Résolution (optimum) 1920 x 1080
Code commande 60003588 (BK), 60003587 (WH)
TCO Certified Edge
FullHD 1080p
NaViSet Administrator 2

Prix sur necdisplay _at_ _dot_ com

DM01 D C

Dual-monitor desktop arm mount for NEC desktop displays up to 34"


DM01 S C

Achieve the perfect ergonomic positioning to reduce eye, back and neck strain.

The DM01 S C desktop monitor mount features an attractive height adjustable articulating arm that provides optimum ergonomics for monitors up to 34” in size. Designed for easy and fast setup, the clamp-on base allows limitless mounting options on any desktop or countertop surface.

Laser Branding

Display your brand and mark your property with our laser branding service for dedictated Sharp/NEC Displays and Projectors

Wall Mount PDW T XS

X-small universal wall mount

Warranty Extension for Desktop Displays

Optional Warranty Extension (4th to 5th year) for dedicated Sharp/NEC Desktop Displays

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